The best areas to stay in Belfast

The best areas to stay in BelfastSee the offers

Keen to embark on a Northern Irish getaway? Read our selection of some of the best neighborhoods to stay in Belfast!

Are you already humming Irish songs before boarding your plane to Northern Ireland, excited to explore the Celtic country? Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, has a population of 340,200 (2017) and 671,559 in the metropolitan area. The city of Belfast played a significant role in the industrialization and economic growth of the United Kingdom with the trade in linen, tobacco, and ships (the famous Titanic was built in Belfast). Despite a history of conflicts and bloodshed between Catholics and Protestants, nationalists and republicans, unionists and separatists, Belfast now offers a fantastic quality of life.

Situated at the mouth of the River Lagan on Belfast Lough, Belfast is located in the northeast of Northern Ireland in the province of Ulster. Belfast has been experiencing a major cultural boom since the early 2000s. Not only does the city boast exceptional historical, cultural and architectural heritage, it also features many parks, gardens, and forests. Discover the best places to stay in Belfast, the Northern Irish capital.

Downtown Belfast

The center of Belfast is a bustling area that never sleeps. Located on the western banks of the River Lagan, downtown Belfast houses an array of shops, shopping centers and, of course, the unmissable Irish pubs. Don’t miss a walk down shop-filled Royal Avenue, a very lively area by day and by night. In the evenings, pubs fill up faster than pints of Guinness or Kilkenny beer are emptied. The city center is quite an expensive and noisy place to stay in Belfast: this is not your ideal location if you’re looking for affordable accommodation in a quiet area. On the other hand, downtown Belfast is definitely an excellent spot if you enjoy entertainment and shopping. This part of Belfast conveniently offers a wide range of accommodation options.

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Queen’s Quarter

Stay in the Botanic Quarter, Belfast

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Located in South Belfast, Queen’s Quarter is famous for its leafy, suburban atmosphere despite its proximity to the city center. This area offers a wide range of accommodation options, from youth hostels to more comfortable hotels, with rates ranging from €10 to over €100 per night. Queen’s quarter is located between the Lagan River and the Queen’s University, listed as one of the world’s most beautiful universities. The quarter is also home to the Botanic Gardens, a public garden occupying 28 acres (110,000 m2) of south Belfast. Home to some of the best bars, restaurants, and nightclubs in the city, Queen’s Quarter is a bustling place, and one of the most lively areas to stay in Belfast. Thanks to its vast expanse of greenery in the heart of the city, it’s the perfect place to stroll on the sunny days. The district is unsurprisingly a favorite haunt for trendy young people and students, which explains why it is lively both during the day and at night.

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Titanic Quarter

As its name suggests, this is the docks and former shipyard district, the birthplace of the Titanic, the infamous passenger liner that tragically sunk in 1912. An old working-class neighborhood, Titanic Quarter is now a dynamic, modern, highly prized area attracting a wide array of visitors. Located on the waterfront, north of the city center, Titanic Quarter houses the Titanic Museum and the film studios of the Game of Thrones series. However, the nightlife is rather calm. Titanic Quarter is an expensive area to stay in Belfast: accommodation rates start from €80 and exceed €250 for the most luxurious apartments and hotels.

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