The best areas to stay in Belgrade

The best areas to stay in BelgradeSee the offers

Keen to discover the charms of Serbia in the Balkans this summer? Read our selection of the best places to stay in Belgrade.

Upon arriving in Belgrade and experiencing its peaceful atmosphere, one cannot help but wonder how this city could have been the scene of the fateful NATO bombings in 1999 and the ruthless war that tore Yugoslavia apart seven years earlier. Belgrade, the Serbian capital, is now a peaceful city, with a population of 1,233,796 inhabitants and 1,659,440 Belgrade residents throughout the greater metropolitan area. Sitting at the crossroads of the Danube and the Sava, Belgrade boasts a historical and cultural heritage spanning several thousand years. Thanks to its cultural attractiveness, the Serbian capital has been nicknamed the “Barcelona of the East”. Accommodation-wise, Western travelers will find it inexpensive to stay in Belgrade.

Belgrade offers a wide array of accommodation options, ranging from youth hostels at €8 per night to luxurious 5-star hotels. It’s a good idea to opt for homestay accommodation in Belgrade, a great way to immerse yourself in the city center and be able to access everything on foot. Discover where to stay in Belgrade.

Stari Grad

Stay in Stari Grad, Belgrade

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Stari Grad is the city’s historic center, stretching from Belgrade Fortress to the main Square of the Republic (Trg. Republike). A great place to stay in Belgrade, providing easy access to the city’s exciting sites on foot. Book your accommodation in Knez Mihailova Street, located on the cornice between the Danube and the Sava rivers. The center’s pedestrian streets are lined with numerous bars and restaurants (especially in Skadarlija), as well as many shops and several museums (Museum of Ethnography, the Jewish Historical Museum of Belgrade or the Contemporary Art Museum Lounge, among others). Though the district does not notably feature spectacular architecture, it is conveniently located near Belgrade station and exudes a friendly ambiance. Don’t miss a visit to Belgrade Fortress to enjoy a breathtaking view of the city. The district, which still bears the scars of the war – the city was bombed several times in recent history -, seems to have retained the influence of the Franco-Serb friendship that prevailed until the Kosovo War.

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Zemunski Kej

The district of Zemunski Kej, which extends along the quays of the Danube, especially Kej Oslobodenja Street – meaning the Freedom Quay – is a nightlife hotspot. Numerous barges anchored along the docks are discos and night bars: the splavovi. Travelers who have spent one or two days there almost unanimously report that it is an excellent neighborhood to stay in Belgrade. It’s also a great place to stroll by before dining in one of the floating restaurants along the Danube River.

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Bordered by the Sava River on its western flank, the Savamala district is Belgrade’s vibrant artistic and creative hub. Built not far from Kalemegdan Park, this 19th-century district houses colorful street art galleries, small hidden bars, old vintage buildings converted into modern restaurants: a great district to stay in Belgrade to enjoy a lively, youthful atmosphere.

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Banovo Brdo

Situated south of Belgrade, Banovo Brdo district enjoys an ideal location on the shores of Lake Sava. Ada Ciganlija (Ада Циганлија) is a river island in the heart of the city. The island was transformed into an immensely popular recreational zone, most notable for its beaches and sports facilities, which, during summer seasons, can have over 100,000 visitors daily and up to 300,000 visitors over the weekend. Belgrade residents are fond of the island, and for a good reason: it is a haven of lush nature – covered by a dense forest home to a myriad of species, including amphibians, insects, and many mammals – in the middle of a highly urbanized landscape. If you like quiet and relaxing areas, this is an excellent area to stay in Belgrade, packed with bars and offering many dining opportunities, particularly on the western side of the district.

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