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The best areas to stay in BerlinSee the offers

Where to stay in Berlin? Enjoy the best area to stay in Berlin while visiting the German capital!

The largest city in Germany and the second most populated city in the European Union, Berlin has just over 3.5 million inhabitants, and offers a wide range of places to stay. During its history, Berlin has gone through opulent eras as well as much darker times. Today it is a leading global city with vibrant art and culture scenes, welcoming over 10 million visitors a year (11.9 million in 2014).

Finding accommodation in Berlin will be easy all year round and the city has something for everyone. It is after all a European capital, so there are plenty of accommodation options available! The choice of a neighbourhood to stay in Berlin depends mainly on your mode of travel and what you want to do and see. Whether you choose to stay in Mitte – the tourist heart -, Kreuzberg – the Turkish district -, Friedrichshain – the partygoers’ district -, Prenzlauer Berg – the bohemian district -, or Charlottenburg – the bourgeois district -, each neighbourhood has its own atmosphere and the accomodation styles vary from one place to another. To help you find the best area to stay in Berlin, here is an overview of city’s districts.

Mitte, the historic heart of Berlin

Mitte, best area to stay in Berlin

Photo credit: Flickr – Philippe AMIOT

As the historic centre of the city, Mitte is the best place to stay in Berlin if you want to avoid wasting time on the city’s public transport, which runs really well by the way. You can wander from shop to shop, stroll around the famous Alexanderplatz, pop in and out of exhibitions, explore the Museum Island. It really is a very cultural district. Featuring an array of boutiques, the area is great for shopping. Mitte also boasts numerous museums, and important political edifices (the famous Reichstag), as well as a huge park of 210 hectares (3 kilometres long). In Mitte, you will find all types of accommodation, from youth hostels to luxury hotels.

Kreuzberg, the Turkish district

Kreuzberg, best area to stay in Berlin

Photo credit: Flickr – ALDO CRISCI

Kreuzberg – nicknamed “Little Istanbul” – is one of the most festive neighbourhoods in Berlin. If you are looking for a place to rest and relax, you’d better look elsewhere. On the other hand, if you love partying, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find bars, clubs, and concert venues attracting a very heterogeneous audience including Berliners, tourists, and expats. This neighbourhood is a popular haunt for young people seeking trendy or offbeat alternative places and communal gardens. Kreuzberg’s accommodation will suit travellers with moderate budgets who enjoy a festive atmosphere. Centrally located, it is a very pleasant area to amble along by day, and party in the evening.


Friedrichshain, best area to stay in Berlin

Photo credit: Flickr – Claudio

A former district of East Berlin, Friedrichshain is famous for housing a stretch of the original Berlin Wall, which is covered in various colourful paintings. This place attracts party-goers and young people in search of cheap beer. The atmosphere of the German Democratic Republic is still present. Packed with students and artists, the neighbourhood has undergone a gentrification process in recent years, and many ramshackle buildings are being replaced by comfortable housing to attract the middle class. The area’s many bars and concert venues contribute to a lively nightlife, mostly attracting Berlin’s youth, hipsters, and the like.

Prenzlauer Berg, the arty and bobo neighborhood

Prenzlauer Berg, best area to stay in Berlin

Photo credit: Flickr – Vintage Lulu

A little further away from the heart of the city, this former working-class district is a haven for creative Berliners. Both young and family friendly, the district is filled with art galleries, small cafes, eccentric bars, and concert venues. Overall, Prenzlauer Berg has seen the largest influx of middle-class German families. Here, it won’t take you very long to find fair trade coffee, as well as organic and vegetarian restaurants. This is a great place to stay in Berlin if you’re looking to dwell in a trendy and quiet area that feels like a small village.

Main photo credit : Flickr – Thomas

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