The best area to stay in Bruges

The best areas to stay in BrugesSee the offers

For the holidays, we go to discover the Flanders, in Belgium? Here’s where to stay in Bruges!

The largest city in the Flanders region – the Dutch-speaking part of northern Belgium -, Bruges has a population of 118,187 local residents. World famous for its beer and chocolate, Bruges is an aesthetic and gustatory paradise on its own. One of Belgium’s best-preserved gems, the Flemish city is blessed with a wealth of canals, parks, cycle paths, fashion boutiques, international museums and lively markets. Bruges offers a wide range of accommodation – from five-star hotels to “gîtes” (holiday cottages), bed and breakfasts, homestay accommodation or youth hostels – but it can be expensive.

A tourist dream, Bruges is famed by tourists for its gorgeous cobbled streets, its gothic architecture, its numerous canals, and bridges. The best way to visit Bruges is to rent a bicycle to explore the historic city center, an open-air museum in its own right. Discover the best places to stay in Bruges.

The historic centre of Bruges

Centre, best area to stay in Bruges

Photo credit: Flickr – Daniel Mennerich

If you’re looking for accommodation in Bruges, it feels obvious to choose the medieval city center of Bruges, an absolute must-see. Besides the city’s narrow cobbled streets, its typical medieval architecture, and many historic monuments don’t miss the Markt – the central square of Bruges – as well as the Burg, featuring the refined facades of the Gothic-style town hall. The Markt is the Market Square, a popular meeting point for both tourists and locals, surrounded by numerous bar terraces and restaurants.

Also, why not climb the 336 steps of the belfry to enjoy a panoramic view overlooking the city? To the south of the district, don’t miss the famous Beguinage of Bruges. Separated from the city by a surrounding wall circled by water-filled moats, the beguinage is a former convent dating back to the 13th century. The historical center is an excellent area to stay in Bruges if you want to explore the city’s cultural treasures while being able to go sightseeing on foot.

The neighborhood around Sainte-Walburge

Jan van Eyckplein, best area to stay in Bruges

Photo credit: Flickr – Emmanuel PARENT

A small district in the north-east of the city center, the neighborhood around Sainte-Walburge is less frequented by tourists and therefore feels more authentic. With its medieval churches and canals, the streets are no less picturesque than in the city center. Home to an array of historic buildings, the area around Sainte-Walbruge exudes a quiet atmosphere making it a relaxing place to stay in Bruges. From Jan van Eyckplein to the Vlamingstraat in the north, enjoy beautiful spring or summer walks between majestic 15th and 16th-century buildings. A tranquil area to stay in Bruges before leaving to discover the rest of Belgium: Ghent, Brussels or Antwerp.

Main photo credit : Flickr – Sandy Kemsley

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