The best areas to stay in Cadiz

The best areas to stay in CadizSee the offers

Are you planning on visiting the charming region of Andalusia for a couple of days? Discover our selection of the best neighborhoods to stay in Cadiz!

Located in southwestern Spain, South of Seville and West of Malaga, the municipality of Cadiz is one of the oldest cities in Western Europe and is home to ancient remains dating back 3,100 years. A pearl amongst Andalusia’s tourist destinations, Cadiz had 124,892 inhabitants in 2011 and is known for its unique historical heritage in Europe. The city is built on an isthmus open to the Atlantic Ocean and connected to the continent by two bridges and a narrow strip of land in the bay of the same name. Founded in 1104 BC by the Phoenicians, Cadiz has been subjected to many influences and civilizations throughout its history: Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths, Moors, Vikings, Spaniards.

Cadiz is nicknamed “Tacita de plata” – the small cup of silver – by the Gaditans (the people of Cadiz). To find accommodation to sleep in Cádiz, we recommend that you aim for the old town, as is often the case in old cities. To help you prepare for your trip, we’ve selected some of the best areas to stay in Cadiz.

The old town

Stay in the Old Town of Cadiz

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Nicknamed “Barrio del populo” (the people’s district), the old city center is a maze of alleyways, colorful and eclectic with multiple architectural influences, reminiscent of the old Cuban city of Havana. Moreover, it has carried the nickname “la pequña Habana” (Little Havana) before the famous neighborhood in Miami ever did. It is the city’s most popular and oldest district. Cadiz is a city of fishermen, a place of shipbuilding and a major seaport in Spain: it is from there that Christopher Columbus’ carracks and caravels left to colonize (and plunder) the New World. The old town center, crisscrossed by narrow alleyways, is a real labyrinth. Every little nook is a delight for visitors. We recommend exploring parts of the old town such as Callejones, San Juan, La Laguna, Candelaria.

The old town is an excellent place to stay in Cadiz: you’ll enjoy all the charms of Cadiz on foot. Discover the Cathedral of Cadiz – a prodigious and majestic architectural wonder -, the beach of La Caleta, the Tavira Tower, the public gardens (Parque Genovés, Jardines de Alameda Apodaca), the countless small squares, the catacombs (Catacombas del Beaterio), the San Carlos walls, the Roman theatre, etc.. All unavoidable sights of this neighbourhood. In addition to cultural visits, there is also a dense concentration of bars and restaurants where you can taste delicious and typical Spanish tapas.

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Stay in Cadiz, South

Stay in South of Cadiz

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The south of Cadiz is bordered by a very long strip of sand, from the Santa Maria district to La Cortadura and up to the cornice where the Castle of San Lorenzo del Puntal is located. Choosing the southern areas to stay in Cadiz allows you to stay in the newer, less crowded areas and enjoy easy access to the beaches: La Victoria beach (3 kilometers) or Cortadura beach (3.9 kilometers) offer beautiful and relaxing getaway opportunities. The waterfront features many bars, restaurants, and several accommodation options to stay in Cadiz.

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