The best area to stay in Chicago

The best areas to stay in ChicagoSee the offers

Are you planning on visiting the American Midwest and the city of Chicago? Here are the best places to stay in Chicago!

The third most populous city in the United States – after New York and Los Angeles – Chicago is a major business, financial and cultural center in the American Midwest. Chicago has a population of 2,7 million stretching over an urban area of 606 km², and more than 9,5 million people spread throughout the greater metropolitan area. Located on the Southwestern shore of Lake Michigan, Chicago is also the second largest industrial center in the United States, attracting millions of tourists every year. And yes, the heyday of organized crime and mafia-related violence in Chicago is long gone.

Finding a place to stay in Chicago is quite straightforward: there is plenty of accommodation available, with about 100,000 hotel rooms concentrated in the Loop, the Near North and the Gold Coast areas. Generally speaking, housing in Chicago is expensive. Here is our selection of the best areas to stay in Chicago.

The Loop

The Loop takes its name from the loops formed by the cable car lines linking the city center to the outskirts. The Loop is Chicago’s business district. This neighborhood saw the rise of the first skyscraper in the United States. In the area, don’t miss the Willis Tower, the beautiful facades along Michigan Avenue, and the shores of Lake Michigan. On the edge of the lake, Millennium Park and Grant Park are like green lungs set in the middle of this concrete-laden urban world. An ideal place to revitalize oneself near Buckingham Fountain.

You will notice the arcades of the aerial metro, which can be seen in many movie shots in Chicago. Also, make sure you attend a concert in this renowned capital of Blues music. Make sure you book a show at the iconic Chicago Theater, between North State Street and Lake Street. Stroll along the Loop’s avenues: you’ll find everything you need, from bars and restaurants to luxury shops. An excellent area to stay in Chicago: central, but expensive.

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Gold Coast

Gold Coast, Chicago

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The Gold Coast historical district attracts Chicago’s well-heeled customers and tourists. This affluent part of Chicago is packed with luxury shops and the like. From time to time, you will surely spot a Rolls Royce driving passed the boulevards. Visit the 360 Chicago observatory, a 310-meter high skyscraper overlooking Lake Michigan and the city. On the “skywalk,” a high perched terrace, you will feel the power of the wind – Chicago is often nicknamed the “city of winds” – and hear the bustling sounds of the city.

Step inside the city’s Museum of Contemporary Art, which houses a collection of 6,000 works by internationally renowned artists including Frida Kahlo, Antoni Tapies, Dan Flavin, and Jeff Koons. In the evening, relax between North Michigan Avenue and North Lasalle Drive where you will find countless bars and restaurants offering fine international dining. In short, the Gold Coast is a cosmopolitan and central district to stay in Chicago.

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Old Town

Old Town, Chicago

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As its name suggests, this is Chicago’s historic district. Surrounded by Gold Coast and Goose Island, it is a very touristic area formerly populated by German immigrants. The area is home to striking Victorian architecture. Wander through the district’s picturesque narrow streets generously covered with patches of greenery. The Old Town is lively by day and by night thanks to the many bars, restaurants, and shops scattered throughout the district. It’s a great area to shop during the day and enjoy a good beer in the evening.

To the East, Lincoln Park neighborhood houses an 8-square kilometer park – the second largest urban park in the country after Central Park. The park is home to the Lincoln Park Conservatory, an outdoor theater, a rowing canal, the Chicago History Museum, including the Chicago Museum of Natural History, the Botanical Garden and the Lincoln Park Zoo. During the 1960’s, Lincoln Park was the headquarters of the Young Lords, an organization engaged in the struggle for civil rights. If you’re looking to indulge in a relaxing, culturally enriching stay, Lincoln Park is an excellent place to stay in Chicago.

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