The best area to stay in Copenhagen

The best areas to stay in CopenhagenSee the offers

Where is the best place to stay in Copenhagen ? Before you go to Denmark, explore online some of the best areas to stay in Copenhagen!

Copenhagen is Denmark’s largest city and capital, and also one of Europe’s most important urban centres. With a cost of living and GDP per capita frequently ranked as one of the highest in the world, it’s safe to say that you won’t come across cheap accommodation when staying in Copenhagen. That being said, you will be seduced by Copenhagen’s many charms, not to mention the city’s unique art of living and relaxing atmosphere.

Founded by the Vikings in the 10th century, and originally a small fishing village, the city is now home to a population of 602,481 inhabitants (2017) over 88 km². Filled with green spaces and infused with a relaxing atmosphere, the city is fond of cycling, considered a serious mode of transport. Bridges, parks, and seafronts contribute to the charm of the city, which boasts a culturally rich environment to explore. Since accommodation will be expensive in any case, you might as well target the heart of the city. Here are the best districts to stay in Copenhagen.

Indre by: Strøget, Nyhavn and the Latin Quarter

Indre By, best area to stay in Copenhagen

Photo credit: Flickr – Guillaume Baviere

Bustling with activity, Copenhagen’s city centre houses the city’s main tourist attractions, such as Rundetårn – the Round Tower -, Tivoli park, and the Ny Carlsberg Glypotek art museum, the perfect place to contemplate Greek, Roman, Egyptian antiques, as well as Impressionist paintings. On your way from Kongens Nytorv towards H.C. Andersens Boulevard, wander along Strøget, the longest pedestrian street in Europe, ideal for a stroll or a little shopping trip. Also known for ​​its Latin Quarter, in reference to the Latin language that was once spoken there, the area features lovely French restaurants, if you feel like treating yourself with great cuisine… Finally, drift towards the botanical garden and Rosenborg Castle, and relax on a terrace along the old « Nyhavn » waterfront. You should definitely book your accommodation in Indre By if you want to be experience an interesting blend of entertainment, restaurants, bars, and cultural attractions.


Osterbro, best area to stay in Copenhagen

Photo credit: Flickr – Thomas Rousing

Located north of the historic centre of Indre By, Østerbro has the unique and relaxed atmosphere of a small neighbourhood. Situated north of Copenhagen, at water’s edge and close to the lakes, Østerbro is favored by Danish families who enjoy shopping or go for walks in the Fælledparken, the largest park in the city. Sports fans and aficionados like to attend the games taking place regularly in the FCKobenhavn national stadium. Though you’ll find few attractions here, it’s a good place to stay in Copenhagen if you want to get a feel of authentic Danish life.


Norrebro, best area to stay in Copenhagen

Photo credit: Flickr – Jean

Packed with thronging bars and cafés, Nørrebro is Copenhagen’s cosmopolitan district. Adjoining the Copenhagen suburbs, the district used to be considered a “dodgy” district. Today, Nørrebro is home to some of the busiest streets in the city, and hosts an array of Michelin-starred restaurants, as well as cool cafes, wine bars, and vintage shops. This is the best place to stay in Copenhagen if you are looking to escape the tourist-filled city centre.


Vesterbro, best area to stay in Copenhagen

Photo credit: Flickr – Guilherme Degasperi

Are you a beer fan? Come visit the Carlsberg brewery – the world’s fourth-largest brewery, no less! -, situated close to Frederiksberg Have Park. Located in the south-western side of the city centre, the Vesterbro district was once Copenhagen’s « red-light » district. Today, visitors come here to visit its shops selling typical Danish products, or to relax on a terrace of one of the area’s many cafes and restaurants. For visitors who wish to stay off the beaten track, this is a great place to stay in Copenhagen.


Christiania, best area to stay in Copenhagen

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Copenhagen’s famous « free and self-managed » district is particularly favoured by the thousands of libertarians across Europe. Here, freedom is experienced not as a desire, but as the transformation of a political philosophy into a true philosophy of life. Since its proclamation in 1971, the « Free Municipality of Christiania » attracts more and more tourists every year, and for good reason. Many people love this place infused with the spirit of freedom and hippie culture, where private property has naturally been replaced by community-managed housing, and cannabis is available for purchase.

And yet anarchism cannot be reduced to these famous curiosities. This city within a city of 900 inhabitants has its own citizen-run assemblies, its own flag, its own currency, its own bakery, street-cleaning service, school, printing press, cinema, and a free radio station. Decisions are made collectively, with the overarching aim of promoting common interest. Filled with bars, restaurants, and unusual places to stay, this district is of course open to all, and is worth visiting if you feel like discovering a truly alternative way of life.

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