The best area to stay in Corsica

The best area to stay in Corsica

Are you heading to the Island of Beauty for the holidays this year? We help you choose in which city to stay in Corsica!

The fourth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea by its surface, Corsica is called the Island of Beauty and this nickname was not given by chance: Bastia to Bonifacio, Ajaccio to Corte or Propriano to Porto Vecchio, you will discover innumerable little corners of paradise. Stunning scenery, hiking, tranquility and relaxation on the heavenly beaches, picturesque charm and popular Corsican villages and succulent gastronomy are indeed the charm when you stay in Corsica.

If the island has only 327,283 inhabitants, its population increase to 7.4 million when we add all the visitors who go there every year. Finding accommodation in Corsica can be expensive, very expensive. Here is a tour of the cities where to stay in Corsica.

Ajaccio and the west coast

Ajaccio, best area to stay in Corsica

Photo credit: Flickr – dmytrok

From the bay of Ajaccio to the Sanguinaires Islands – from where the sun blazes into the sea with delight at dusk – to the majestic Calanques de Piana and the picturesque village of Porto, you will be literally charmed, bewitched by the beauty indecent landscapes. Of course, the peak of tourists in summer could make more than one grumble – including the Corsicans themselves – but the west coast is really worth seeing. To stay in Ajaccio or by walking along the coast, several accommodation solutions: hotels, room homestay, campsites, or why not even a night under the stars on a beach (without tent, wild camping is prohibited).

The advantage of Corsican beaches is that even in summer, you can be alone and quiet by going early in the morning until the sun becomes unbearable: around 11 o’clock. We loved the Sagone beach, ideal for swimming in clear, calm waters and snorkeling. Further north, the Calanques de Piana – by the path of Capo d’Orto – are to remain smug, not to be missed.


Calvi, best area to stay in Corsica

Photo credit: Flickr – Sheila Bandini

Calvi, with its citadel, its popular terraces, its beach, its pine forests and its port attract all forms of tourists. A small garden of Eden where life is good. Come and stay in Calvi to enjoy the charms of its port and its multiple fishing boats alongside luxurious yachts. The most beautiful places do not escape the great fortunes … Calvi has a good atmosphere where you can meander in peace in its labyrinth of streets without forgetting the cathedral Saint Jean-Baptiste. To get away from the tourists, try the trip to Corbara and Pigna, they are two small villages very charming to visit.

Bonifacio, Porto-Vecchio and the south of Corsica

Bonifacio, best area to stay in Corsica

Photo credit: Flickr – Musiu Puti

South point of Corsica, Bonifacio is perched on a vertiginous rocky outcrop of limestone cliffs above the sea. It is not saying that Bonifacio is a splendid site. After winding through its narrow streets, leave for the beaches of Palombaggia and the city of Porto Vecchio, as pretty as crowded with people – we like a little less. But choosing to stay in Porto-Vecchio is a good base for exploring this south-eastern part of Corsica.


Corte, best area to stay in Corsica

Photo credit: Flickr – Robert Brands

And then Corsica, it is not only fine sand and crystal clear waters. In the center, reign an alpine aftertaste with the high mountains and the wild gorges: in the Regional Natural Park of Corsica, you will adore the rigor of Corte, the lake of Calacuccia, and the Mount Cinto if you are hiker or sportsman in love with climbing, canyoning, kayaking and mountain biking. To enjoy the center of Corsica, choose to stay in Corte.

Main photo credit: Flickr – jean françois bonachera

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