Where to stay on Gavdos Island?

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Are you planning to discover the treasures of the Greek island ? Don’t know where to stay in Gavdos yet? Here are our best tips!

Located about forty kilometers south of Crete, between Europe and Africa, the Mediterranean island of Gavdos attracts travelers seeking adventure and peace. Out of time, preserved from mass tourism and bathed in a hippie atmosphere, Gavdos is a destination where you come to recharge your batteries, where you return to the basics.

The beauty of its landscapes makes it a destination of choice for those who are aware of its existence. From Karavé to Potamos, via Korfos or Sarakiniko, camping enthusiasts will not have any trouble finding a place to sleep in Gavdos, in order to make the most of the island’s must-see attractions. Camping is tolerated, rather than proprly organized.

For the less adventurous, it is possible to find accommodation with locals. However, the offer is still limited, so it is better to get organized early!

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Stay on Gavdos Island

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Located in the east of the island, Karave is the main port of Gavdos. Although the village is one of the most important on the island, the area and population density remain low. Therefore, it is not easy to find accommodation. However, you can rent rooms in private homes.


Stay on Gavdos Island

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A little further north of Karave, Sarakiniko Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Gavdos. Considered the island’s seaside resort, the reality is quite different! Although a few tavernas and cafés have managed to establish themselves there, the site is nothing like the continent’s major tourist resorts.

In Sarakiniko, as in Karave, you can find rooms for rent in the tavernas on the beach. The accommodation offered is not very luxurious, but will suit travelers who come to seek authenticity rather than posh comfort!

It is not uncommon for these establishments to be run by local fishermen, who will offer you delicious dishes of fish or grilled octopus!

For the more adventurous, the trees of the beach will offer you the necessary shade to pitch your tent and sleep in Gavdos in a dream-like setting! A few local shops will provide you with water and food.


Located inland in the center of the island, Kastri offers a strategic location in the heart of the island. Considered as the “capital” of Gavdos, Kastri provides access to many sites of interest. Indeed, from this village, you can reach the superb beaches of Potamos and Pyrgos on foot. In just one hour, you will find the enchanting coastal landscapes.

If you are in need of culture, come and visit one of the seventeen chapels on the island, the most important of which is located not far from Kastri. Would you like to discover the region and look for accommodation in Gavdos? It is quite possible to find a room for rent in Kastri.

Ambelos and Faros

If you want to discover the wealth of this part of Gavdos, you will probably have to go for a room or an apartment rental, because hotels are scarce.

A stop in Faros or Ambelos is essential. Come and visit the lighthouse that makes Gavdos famous, located a hundred meters before Ambelos. Built in 1880 and then destroyed by German bombardments during the Second World War, it was renowned as the second most powerful lighthouse in the world, after Tierra del Fuego. Today, it has come back to life and is once again dominating the island. It’s not unpleasant to have a little drink here at the end of the day! Hiking enthusiasts can walk along the ridges.


Stay on Gavdos Island

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Located south of Karave, Korfos provides access to the south of the island and to Cape Tripiti. This is the southernmost in Greece and even of all of Europe! You will admire the three natural arches. From this little cape, you will see the Libyan coast. The cape can be reached by foot, following a path through the village of Vatsiana, or another, starting from the beach of Korfos. Once there, you will experience an unusual moment: you can sit on a monument in the shape of a chair, symbolizing the southernmost point of our continent!

Camping enthusiasts will once again find their happiness on the beach of Korfos. Travelers who prefer a good bed will turn to a tavern that offers rooms for rent on the heights of Korfos Bay. Here again, you can enjoy tasty fish, while enjoying a breathtaking view of the sea. Some accommodations is only available during the summer months. It is important to find out beforehand.

The beaches

Stay on Gavdos Island

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Are you looking for calm and serenity? Come and camp on one of Pyrgos’ two deserted beaches. Between dunes and cliffs, hidden at the bottom of a beautiful bay, you will live like Robinson Crusoe! Accessible by foot from Kastri, sleeping in Pyrgos is worth it!

Agios Ioannis

Renowned as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Agios Ioannis is a perfect spot for campers who enjoy nature experiences. It is also where a large number of nudists gather. Only a ten-minute walk from the beach, you will find enough food to eat.

Staying in Gavdos can be tricky but is worth it! So, what are you waiting for to plan your stay?

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