The best areas to stay in Glasgow

The best areas to stay in GlasgowSee the offers

Are you heading to Scotland anytime soon? Discover our selection of the best areas to stay in Glasgow, the country’s largest city!

With a total population of 621,020 in the city itself and 2.3 million people throughout the metropolitan area, Glasgow is Scotland‘s largest and most populous city and the third largest city in the United Kingdom. Glasgow is one of the key financial centers in Europe and the 44th largest city in the world regarding infrastructure quality. For more than half a century, Glasgow has been trying to overcome its reputation as a disaster-stricken, working-class and mining city, instead claiming a new identity as a festive, attractive, and vibrant city.

Glasgow is often neglected by tourists in favor of Edinburgh, though many will say that Glasgow is more authentic than the capital. The city is, however, famous for its vibrant nightlife, offering an endless source of music through the ongoing concerts happening in the city’s countless bars and pubs. It did not come as a surprise when, In 2008, UNESCO designated Glasgow as a “city of music.” Here is our selection of the best areas to stay in Glasgow.

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North West

Stay in North West Glasgow

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North of the Clyde River and northwest of the city center extends the North West district, offering everything you need in true Scottish fashion: numerous green spaces – including Ruchill Park and Glasgow’s famous Botanical Garden, pubs and bars, countless dining options and international cuisine. Accommodation-wise, the North West part of Glasgow offers a selection of relatively affordable accommodation compared to UK standards: here, you’ll pay between €20 and €120 per night to stay in Glasgow.

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West End

Stay in West End Glasgow

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Located to the west of the city, the West End concentrates most of Glasgow’s social activity. Contrary to usual practice, the city center is not the most exciting area to visit: although it has indeed retained its working-class soul of an outdated industrial era, locals and tourists alike now prefer the western districts. Welcome to the self-proclaimed kingdom of Irish pubs.

The West End district is home to the University of Glasgow, where the famous economist Adam Smith and James Watt, father of the Industrial Revolution, once taught. It also features vast green spaces, such as Kelvingrove Park. You’ll also find numerous museums and galleries – including Hunterian Art Gallery, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, the Museum of Transport – as well as shops, bars, restaurants, and pubs where you can party or enjoy a concert in the evening. Choose this area to stay in Glasgow if you want to immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant and youthful atmosphere, Scottish style! The West End is an excellent area to stay in Glasgow, though it’s not the cheapest part of the city: the district is home to two affordable youth hostels. Otherwise, hotel rates exceed €100 per night.

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East End

Stay in East End, Glasgow

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Located as its name suggests to the east of the city, East End is a great place to stay in Glasgow if you prefer to stay in quieter, residential areas. Less frequented than the city center, the East End enjoys close proximity to downtown Glasgow. However, hotel rates can easily exceed €150 per night. The East End reflects its history as a former industrial center and working-class residential area. While in East End, take the opportunity to explore the city center and visit Glasgow’s historic buildings: Glasgow Cathedral, Necropolis Cemetery, enjoy a pint in a pub, or relax in Drumpellier Country Park.

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