The best area to stay in Hong Kong

The best areas to stay in Hong KongSee the offers

Are you planning a trip to Hong Kong, one of the four Asian Tigers? Discover the best places to stay in Hong Kong!

A sprawling city of 7.23 million inhabitants spread over 1,104 km² – equivalent to the surface area of Martinique – Hong Kong’s population density is very high, with 6,553 inhabitants per km². In other words, accommodation to stay in Hong Kong can be expensive. It is also the world’s 7th largest trading entity and 3rd largest financial centre. This former British colony attracts millions of visitors and expatriates because of its subtropical climate and its special status (flexible and ultraliberal) in relation to China.

Hong Kong (in Cantonese: Hēung góng) literally means “fragrant harbour”. To make sure your stay is there a success, it’s important to find out about and choose the area where you will stay in Hong Kong. Depending on whether you visit Hong Kong Island, the Kowloon Peninsula, or the New Territories, the atmosphere will vary from one place to another. Without further delay, here is a presentation of the best areas to stay in Hong Kong.


Central, best area to stay Hong-Kong

Photo credit: Flickr – Brian H.Y

Hong Kong’s business district – or Central Business District as the English would say – is the nerve centre of the city, where large corporate banks sit alongside top multinationals. The city is packed with businessmen and businesswomen, employees, and tourists: here, work and leisure coexist harmoniously. Home to a thousand offices, the city also houses countless bars which means you won’t be running out of partying and entertainment options. Choose to stay in Central Hong Kong if you want to immerse yourself in the district’s frenzied lifestyle. Discover age-old restaurants, an array of heritage buildings, numerous parks and green botanical gardens nestled between towering glass towers. It’s easy to forget the fact that on these territories, opium wars once wreaked havoc…

Tsim Sha Tsui

Tsim Sha Tsui, best area to stay Hong-Kong

Photo credit: Flickr – Jirka Matousek

This is one of Hong Kong’s most popular neighbourhoods, blending high accommodation rates with crowds of tourists. Like Manhattan in New York, Tsim Sha Tsui is the Hong Kong that never sleeps. Hotels, shopping malls, and boutiques as far as the eye can see, piled up on towering skyscrapers. If you have the budget and you enjoy high-end shopping, choose this place to stay in Hong Kong.

Mong Kok

Mong Kok, best area to stay Hong-Kong

Photo credit: Flickr – Jamal Afzal

Mong Kok is a colourful, flowery district, renowned as one of Hong Kong’s most authentic districts and one of the most vibrant in the world. The area is swarming with passers-by, customers, visitors, and locals. You’re wondering about the atmosphere? Mong Kok is packed with shopping centres, all kinds of shops, small boutiques, stalls, traditional restaurants, numerous markets, and of course dozens of restaurants where you can discover Chinese cuisine. The smaller the restaurant, the better its cuisine. So venture into the streets and find a little nook exuding exotic vapours and scents. If you are a gourmet, this is the right place to stay in Hong Kong.

Jordan and Yau Ma Tei: the authentic districts

Yau Ma Tei, best area to stay Hong-Kong

Photo credit: Flickr – David Yan

If you wander between Mong Kok in the north and Tsim Sha Tsui in the south, you will certainly pass by the two districts of Jordan and Yau Ma Tei. They are worth the visit precisely because they are often deserted – or forgotten – by visitors. Can you hear the little voice, whispering in your ear? It is the voice inviting you to discover the more authentic areas, populated by natives and locals, not beset on all sides by Western mass tourism. These neighbourhoods are among the most authentic in Hong Kong.

The area boasts a rich cultural and historical past, exemplified by the Temple Street Night Market. Don’t miss it: the night market – whether in China, Taiwan, or Singapore – is an institution! A blend of tradition and modernity, with temples, karaoke bars, street restaurants, and ancestral buildings. This is a good place to stay in Hong Kong.

Main photo credit : Flickr – Mike Behnken

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