The best areas to stay in Agrigento

The best areas to stay in AgrigentoSee the offers

Are you going to Sicily, the pearl of Italy? Here is where you can stay in Agrigento, a city that cannot be ignored on the island!

It is on the southwest coast of the island of Sicily that you will find Agrigento, perched on the top of a hill. This city of 60,000 inhabitants is famous for the ruins of the ancient city of Akragas, of course, but also and above all for the Valley of the Temples: a huge archaeological site including Greek temples, most of which are perfectly preserved and will surprisingly be in better shape than some of those you could see in Athens. Agrigento, divided between modernity and archaism, hosts many cultural attractions including the Museo Archeologico Regionale Agrigento, where you can admire the remains of Greek civilization and many breathtaking treasures witnessing a troubled past: founded in 582 BC, the city underwent geographical expansion under the reign of successive tyrants, then an eventful history marked by successive invasions, destruction and looting.

Today, it is its privileged geographical position and unspoilt nature that seduces it because the latter offer many possibilities to relax: hiking trails and fine sandy beaches nearby await the traveller in search of relaxation and escapades and there are many other treasures to discover in this region.

Whatever your desires and reasons for coming to Agrigento, if you have been seduced and have chosen to plan your stay in Agrigento, here is our selection of places to help you find the perfect accommodation and know where to stay in Agrigento.

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Downtown Agrigento

Stay in the  old town of Agrigentp

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While the suburbs on the outskirts of the city are not exciting at first glance, the historic heart of Agrigento is full of splendid buildings and architectural gems: the Baroque church of San Lorenzo, for example, or that of San Francesco di Paola are among the unmissable tourist attractions and compete with the countless museums. The viewpoint perched on the heights of the city reveals a breathtaking panorama of the archaeological site of the Valley of the Temples, outside the city, but also of the deep blue of the nearby Mediterranean Sea. Of course, some accommodation is available for rent, but it is above all the complete hotel offer that stands out and will satisfy those who wonder where to sleep in Agrigento: many establishments offer rooms for all budgets and all types of guests.


Stay in Vilaseta, Agrigento

A village minutes Southwest of Agrigento, Vilaseta is located right next to the Valley of temples, making it the perfect place to stay if you plan on spending the day there. It is close enough to walk directly to the valley and there are bus lines as well. The village does not have any real intrinsic qualities except for its location facing the Valley of the Temples though it has many renowned shopping centers and pizzerias in the region. Essentially, this is a good place to stay in Agrigento if you are mainly interested in the Valley or if you are looking for cheaper options than downtown Agrigento. The prices in Vilaseta tend to run lower than their counterparts in Agrigento and if you have a car or rent a car it will be very easy to just drive downtown while enjoying a cheaper hotel or a larger villa than what you would find closer to the city center.


Stay in Calcarelle, Agrigento

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The small village of Calcarelle, north of Agrigento, is the ideal place to find a typical accommodation as close as possible to the inhabitants: some farmers provide a “guest house” type service, with all the modern comforts: wi-fi, television and air conditioning are of course included. This type of offer is, icing on the cake, cheap and rather practical as long as you own a vehicle – rental agencies are obviously present on Agrigento and will allow you to get a ride. We liked Calcarelle as we were looking for a quiet comfortable place to use as a base to go on excursions and day trips to the many things to do in Sicily, the very affordable prices were a nice surprise and enjoyed getting a taste of real Sicilian life in a authentic and unassuming setting.

In the vicinity of Agrigento

Stay outside Agrigento

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For nature lovers: there are a few campsites scattered around the Valley of the Temples and they will allow you to stay in Agrigento economically and simply. Of course, this rustic solution will not suit everyone but will convince the most modest budgets, or adventurers in search of authenticity! Rain isn’t too much of a concern during the summer so camping here tends to be easy and accessible for beginners.

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