The best areas to stay in Toulon

The best areas to stay in ToulonSee the offers

Travelling in Provence and you don’t know where to stay in Toulon? Here are the best neighborhoods to stay in this solar city!

Head for Toulon, where beaches, cliffs and hills border the city. Between the Monts Toulonnais and the harbor, Toulon presents above all an exceptional environment, halfway between the sea and the mountains. The capital of the Var department and the third largest city in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, after capital Marseille and Nice, Toulon has the largest military port in France, which is also the largest naval base in Europe. Known for its gentle lifestyle and ideal geographical location, Toulon is also an artistic, cultural and lively city. We can also recommend a stay in Toulon if you are looking to explore the Coast as Toulon makes for a good base of operations with reasonable costs and midway between Marseille and its many cultural attractions, from the Chateau d’If to the Mucem, and Nice and the French Riviera.

You will discover many museums, theaters, operas but also festivals and markets, which bring to the city its unique, colorful and Provençal atmosphere. You will undoubtedly be seduced by its idyllic climate, the authentic atmosphere of its port, and its dynamism: Toulon is a metropolis full of projects and winning to be discovered! So to be sure to enjoy the city and its charms, you will find here the best places and areas to stay in Toulon.

Le Mourillon

Just opposite the beaches, Le Mourillon is one of the districts in the east of Toulon, a true Provençal village surrounded by the city: its church, its daily market, its post office and its small shops contribute to its atmosphere. It is undoubtedly the most pleasant place to sleep in Toulon. Ideally located in the city, you will find several historical monuments, churches and other small squares, but also more than 7 ha of sandy beaches, 9 ha of greenery and playground! With some luck, you’ll find a seafront apartment or hotel room with a great view. Toulon is not a mainstream tourist destination so its beaches tend not to be too crowded or cluttered with shops. Prices are reasonable and generally speaking, you’ll find a nice authentic and refreshing experience here, far from the fast of St Tropez or Fréjus further down the Coast.

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The urbanization of Toulon towards the east during the 20th century gave birth to a new district: Cap Brun. This upscale and rather residential district is one of the most sought-after to live or stay in Toulon, with its superb villas and prestigious residences on the waterfront. To the south, the rocky coast, mainly composed of cliffs, offers you a view of the whole of Toulon’s large harbor.

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Stay in Toulon near Stade Mayol

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Situated near the city center and a little North of the Mourillon neigbhorhood, Mayol is the place to stay in Toulon if you are there to catch a rugby game at the famous Stade Mayol. While Rugby is not a regional tradition, the team from Toulon is a shining beacon in the South East of France and has been particularly brilliant in recent years, with three consecutive European championships from 2013 to 2015. As such, Mayol neighborhood will have many bars and fast food restaurants, as well as cheap hotels meant for short stays for all the fans coming to see one of the best rugby teams in France in the last decade. Finally, Mayol is right next to the ferry port of Toulon, which has grown in recent years thanks to Corsica Ferries opening lines, including a direct line to Sardinia, Corsica and even Sicily in 2019. You can compare prices and book your crossings from Toulon to one of these large Mediterranean islands with Direct Ferries.

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Pont du Las

Stay in Pont du Las, Toulon

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Located to the west of the city, the Pont du Las is a real city in the city. With about 300 brands in the area, you can find everything: grocery stores, shops, schools, services, restaurants, culture…

It is here that you will find Place Martin Bidouré, Toulon’s second largest market after the Cours Lafayette. This square also serves as the square for the parish church of Saint-Joseph, a late 19th century church with large organs, numerous chapels decorated with statues, and whose southern façade is partly covered with gilding. If you are looking for accommodation in a very lively neighbourhood, it’s this way!

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Stay in Saint Roch, Toulon

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Located next to the Pont du Las, the Saint Roch district is located in the immediate vicinity of the city centre. Quiet, commercial and residential, you will be located very close to the Jardin de la Ville, Toulon station, and Place Martin-Bidouré. Discover the terraces and restaurants of the city centre in the shaded squares, the shops with styles and genres adapted to all tastes and expectations, the typical alleys of the cities of Provence, it is a whole atmosphere that awaits you there. Stroll, walk and let yourself be charmed!

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Whichever district you choose to stay in Toulon, be sure that you will fall under the spell of the Var’s sweetness of life that emerges from it!

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