The best area to stay in Jerusalem

The best areas to stay in JerusalemSee the offers

During your next holidays, visit Jerusalem and venture on a historical pilgrimage to Israel and Palestine! Discover the neighborhoods to stay in while in Jerusalem!

Located on a plateau in the Judaean Mountains, between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea, Jerusalem has been the never-ending source of multi-millennial tensions and upheavals. Though not internationally recognized as such, Jerusalem is the capital city claimed by the State of Israel. Torn between the Zionist settlements of the Government of Israel and the Palestinian Territories, the “Holy City” is home to many people of diverse origins and faiths: Muslim Arabs, Israeli Jews, Christians, Armenians… Jerusalem has a population of 882,700 inhabitants (2016) spread over 126 km². Jerusalem offers a wide array of accommodation options, at varying rates, ranging from sinister hotels to luxury complexes. The choice is yours!

Looking for accommodation in Jerusalem? You need to find the neighborhood that best suits your needs. The fruits of a 3,500-year-old heritage, Jerusalem’s neighborhoods offer a myriad of different atmospheres. Life in Jerusalem is not merely about the solemn and rigorous liturgy of the holy books, but the beauty of its radiant culture and multiple influences. Here is our overview of the best areas to stay in Jerusalem.

The Old City of Jerusalem

Surrounded by the walls of Jerusalem, the Old City is divided into four uneven quarters: the Muslim Quarter, the Christian Quarter, the Armenian Quarter and the Jewish Quarter which is bounded by the Wailing Wall. Listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the city was – according to the Bible – founded in the 3rd millennium BC.

Home to numerous age-old edifices dating back to antiquity, the area houses 9 historic access gates. Don’t forget that here, three great monotheistic religions share a common holy place: the famous Dome of the Rock, a majestic golden dome overlooking the old town. It’s a good idea to look for accommodation in the old city if you want to immerse yourself in this breathtaking open-air archaeological museum during your stay in Jerusalem. The only drawback is that since the district is administered by clergymen, the area has only a few hotels on offer.

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The City Center

Nestled between Sacher Park and the old town, lies Jerusalem’s modern city center, home to the Ben-Yehuda pedestrian shopping street, and the Jaffa Gate. You will find a completely different atmosphere from the ancient city of Jerusalem: this area is packed with modern shops, restaurants, and café-terraces. This is undoubtedly the best place to stay in Jerusalem if you’re keen to go out at night and have fun with other local party goers. South of Jaffa Street, visitors will have a chance to visit the area’s many museums. A good neighborhood to stay in Jerusalem if you want to experience Western-style Jerusalem and stay away from religion-related unrest.

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East Jerusalem

To the north and east of the walls of the Old City lies East Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives. Home to numerous mosques and Christian churches, East Jerusalem is predominantly a Muslim area. It houses parts of the West Bank and Palestine which are disputed territories due to Israeli occupation since 1967. As you climb up, enjoy a breathtaking view of the city.

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