The best area to stay in Las Vegas


For your stay in the United States, you are heading for Nevada and the American West? Here are a few tips on where to stay in Las Vegas!

The largest city in the state of Nevada in the western United States, Las Vegas offers a wide range of accommodation options. Thanks to the city’s abundance of hotels, staying in Las Vegas is easy, provided you have the budget. Founded in 1855, Las Vegas and its urban area has 1,951,269 inhabitants (2013 census) spread over 352 km² (3.5 times larger than Paris). The city of Las Vegas is known worldwide as the Mecca of gambling and casinos.

If you love money and gambling, you’ll find Las Vegas – nicknamed “Sin City” – to be a real paradise. The hotel offer is the second most abundant in the world after London, and the city boasts a number of luxury hotels such as the Flamingo, the Sahara, the Hacienda, the Tropicana, the Mirage, the Paris Las Vegas… In the middle of the Mojave desert, on the road between Albuquerque and Los Angeles, here are the best areas to stay in Las Vegas.

North and South on Strip Boulevard

Strip, best area to stay in Las Vegas

Photo credit: Flickr – Tomás Del Coro

Las Vegas Strip, or “the Strip”, is a long straight boulevard stretching several kilometres from the south to the north of the city, and is known for its concentration of many great luxury hotels boasting multi-coloured facades and countless casinos. The Strip is the city’s main artery. Shopping malls, cinemas, luxury boutiques, casinos, and more casinos, make up most of the urban life of the “Strip”. Find accommodation in this area and you will be guaranteed to experience active nights, illuminated by thousands of bright neon signs designed for a unique purpose: encourage you to play and party. The Strip is also a romantic refuge for lovers who come to spend the New Year here. Those travelling on a limited budget will find a few youth hostels and other motels, but expect the credit cards to heat up quite a bit…

West and East of the Strip Boulevard

West, best area to stay in Las Vegas

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On either side of this bustling avenue is the authentic Las Vegas, home to the city’s “real” population, the one that is not here to make millions of dollars. To the east, the student quarter houses the University of Nevada, with large golf courses, your usual shopping malls, and a population that is here to relax. If you are looking for a rather quiet atmosphere to stay in Las Vegas, we recommend you target these two areas instead.

Downtown and Fremont Street

Downtown, best area to stay in Las Vegas

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Downtown is home to the city’s central business district and oldest casinos. In this area, rates are more affordable though still relatively high: this is still the United States, in the quintessential capital of gambling and capitalism. Situated not too far from the city centre, this neighbourhood is a great place to stay in Las Vegas. You will find several museums and – finally! – something else than casinos: art galleries, lounge bars, antique shops, trendy bars, and chic restaurants.

It is the artistic hub of the city, exuding a wild side bound to surprise every arts aficionado. There’s something for everyone here: painting, sculpture, photography, cooking, dance, yoga, and many concerts. Every first Friday of every month, an art festival takes place in the open air: thousands of visitors push the doors of the neighbourhood’s art galleries. An area that will lift your spirits if you seek to stay in Las Vegas away from the gambling frenzy.

Summerlin, for nature

Summerlin, best area to stay in Las Vegas

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Located in the far west of Las Vegas, Summerlin is a planned community divided into four parts: Summerlin North, Sun City Summerlin, Summerlin South, and Summerlin West. The neighbourhood is ideally located if you want to enjoy a peaceful and quiet stay, at the foot of the mountains, and be able to venture out to climb the slopes of the Red Rock Canyon. This protected natural park (since 1990) is home to an impressive fauna: more than one hundred species of birds, reptiles and amphibians are concentrated here. For a relaxing stay in Las Vegas, choose a private apartment or a hotel in this neighbourhood.

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