The best areas to stay in Livorno

The best areas to stay in LivornoSee the offers

Heading for Tuscany for the holidays? Read our selection of the best places to stay in Livorno!

An Italian port city located to the west of the Tuscan coast, Livorno – commonly referred to as “Leghorn” in English – is an important passage point for tourists traveling to Corsica and Sardinia. Located between Piombino in the south and La Spezia in the north, Livorno is sometimes referred to as “the Etruscan Coast” due to the rich historical heritage of its coastline. However, though it long stayed in the shadow of the magnificent cities of Pisa, Florence, and Lucca, Livorno remained a popular small fishing village for a long time before extending around its port during the Republic of Pisa era. Today, Livorno has a population of nearly 160,000 and is known worldwide for the quality of its fish and seafood. Unsurprisingly, it is also becoming a leading tourist destination in Italy.

Most of Livorno’s available accommodation is located in the old town. A charming old fishing village on the Tyrrhenian coast, “Little Venice” has nothing to be ashamed of. Discover the best areas to stay in Livorno.

Little Venice

The area known as “Little Venice” is worth a look. This district stretches to the northwest of the main Plaza de la Repubblica (Piazza della Repubblica). Surrounded by canals – hence its nickname – Little Venice is home to numerous historic buildings, and remains true to its industrial and maritime past. The Venezia district is described as the city’s most picturesque and interesting areas to visit. It extends from the Fortezza Vecchia (old fortress) to the Fortezza Nuova (new fortress).

Little Venice is home to an array of bars and restaurants are located along the quays and in the streets. This neighborhood is a charming and pleasant place to stay in Livorno; however, you won’t find many hotels in the area. If you’re keen to stay in this part of town, look for alternative options, such as homestay accommodation via Airbnb for example. The main street of the district – Via Borra – is one of Livorno’s most frequented streets.

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The modern city

Stay in the modern part of Livorno

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To the south of Little Venice, lies the modern part of the city, home to the port and the city’s residential quarters. The area extends between the port and Piazza della Repubblica. The Piazza Grande and the cathedral – Duomo di San Francesco – form the epicenter of this part of the city. This part of Livorno suffered extensive damage during World War II bombings, which explains why it houses more modern buildings than in the rest of the town.

Around the harbor, you’ll find famous fashion stores and shopping centers, an ideal spot for shopping aficionados. The area around the port is a practical area to stay in Livorno if you have a ferry to take early the next morning to travel to Corsica, Sicily, or Sardinia. Also, don’t miss a visit to the Monument of the Four Moors (Quattro Mori) on Piazza Micheli, Livorno’s most famous monument, completed in 1626 to commemorate the victories of Ferdinand I of Tuscany over the Ottomans. Filled with shops, bookstores, fashion boutiques and more, Via Grande – Livorno’s main thoroughfare – is a must-see in the modern part of the city. Along Via Gaetano d’Alesio, south of the port, you’ll find many restaurants serving international cuisine. The good news is that hotels in this part of the city are relatively affordable. A convenient area to stay in Livorno.

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