The best areas to stay in Lloret de Mar

The best areas to stay in Lloret del MarSee the offers

Are you planning on spending your next holidays on the Costa Brava this Summer? Find out where to stay in Lloret de mar!

Located in northeastern Spain, south of Girona but North of Barcelona , Lloret de Mar is a major tourist destination on the Costa Brava, surrounded by the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean Sea. White sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, sunshine all year round, 120 hotels and 30,000 rooms: finding a place to stay in Lloret de Mar is child’s play! Lloret de Mar has 36,878 inhabitants (2017), but every year its population can reach a million inhabitants with the influx of tourists.

Every summer, the city attracts hundreds of thousands of young people from all over Europe, who come here to have some fun amongst friends. Lloret de Mar is indeed a very festive place, offering sublime landscapes to its many visitors. Expect to find noisy and crowded streets if you’re visiting during the high season, Lloret becomes boisterous and full of energy, but will not be quiet or particularly relaxing. If fun and animation is what you are looking for, here is where to stay in Lloret de Mar.

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Lloret de Mar’s City Center

Stay in the center of Lloret de Mar

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The majority of the city’s hotels are concentrated in the city center. If you’re keen to immerse yourself in the constant hustle and bustle of the town, make sure to book your room in the city center during your stay in Lloret de Mar. This is no quiet area: buzzing late-night bar terraces and nightclubs abound which makes it the perfect place for clubbing and partying . If you’re traveling with your family and young children, it may not be the best place to stay in Lloret de Mar: instead aim for the surroundings such as Tossa de Mar, Canyelles, or Blanes.

Downtown is your best choice if you’re planning to stay in Lloret de Mar alone or with friends, and keen to party the nights away. In May, for example, the famous Spring Break open-air festival offers a rowdy cocktail of beach parties, concerts, nightclub venues, free-flowing booze. However, be prepared for accommodation rates to skyrocket during your stay in Lloret de Mar.

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Find an Airbnb in Lloret de Mar’s City Center

The surroundings of Lloret de Mar

From south to north, Lloret de Mar is surrounded by an eyeful of breathtaking landscapes. Indeed, Lloret de Mar is not exclusively about dancing all night on the beach. In this idyllic scenery made of coves, rocky inlets, winding paths, heavenly beaches, and hiking-friendly mountains, there is plenty to see and do! While staying along the coast, don’t miss the Marimurtra Botanical Garden set atop a steep cliff and offering spectacular panoramic views over the coastline.
Another alternative would be staying in nearby Girona which is less than one hour away and will have lots to offer as well.

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Find an Airbnb around Lloret de Mar

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