The best areas to stay in Luxembourg City

The best areas to stay in LuxembourgSee the offers

Are you planning to stay very soon in the capital of Luxembourg? Find out about the best places to stay in Luxembourg City.

Though often overlooked, the capital of Luxembourg is packed with beautiful and exciting places to visit. Bordered by Belgium, France and Germany, Luxembourg is a blend of tradition and modernity, Luxembourg City is a curiosity on its own, bound to seduce you. While the old town is home to the remains of the age-old fortress of Luxembourg, the city also boasts a more contemporary side, exemplified by the MUDAM, the city’s museum of modern art, which opened in 2006.

So, where to stay in Luxembourg City? Given the city’s high accommodation rates – whether in the city center or on the outskirts -, travelers with a limited budget will have no choice but to opt for homestay accommodation or local youth hostels, which are among the best in the world.

Ville Haute (the historic center)

Located in the heart of the city, Ville-Haute is Luxembourg city’s historic center. An ideal location for those who would like to stay in Luxembourg, close to the main tourist attractions. Home to lively squares, impressive buildings, and historical remains, this age-old quarter is filled with charms. The area is home to must-see landmarks such as the Bock and Pétrusse casemates dating back to the 17th century: an incredible 23-km network of underground galleries. These galleries were listed as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1994, along with the city’s entire historic center! Choose this area to stay in Luxembourg City, and enjoy proximity to the main shopping streets, restaurants, and bars.

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Railway Station District

The Gare district is probably one of the city’s busiest areas. An exciting option to stay in Luxembourg, close to restaurants, shops and, as its name suggests, the railway station. Renowned for being very popular and cosmopolitan, this neighborhood boasts an array of architectural beauties on every street corner. Choose to stay in Luxembourg’s railway station district, and you will be able to discover the Bourbon Plateau, an impressive group of historicist buildings. Thanks to its central position, this part of the city will allow you to reach all the other districts of the capital easily.

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Gründ District

This district is undoubtedly one of the prettiest places to stay in Luxembourg. Quiet and green, the Gründ is a great area to stroll around. This part of town will surprise you on every street corner. You’ll come across a range of historic buildings, many of which are listed as Unesco World Heritage Sites, such as Neumünster Abbey. This small village nestled in the heart of the city is also home to many bars, concert halls, and famous restaurants. Should you wish to stay in this very charming area, be aware that the accommodation offer is unfortunately minimal and the rates are indecently high. However, you can always stay in Luxembourg in this district at an affordable price if you opt for a youth hostel or homestay accomodation.

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The banks of Clausen

Stay in Rives Clausen, Luxembourg

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Keen to stay in a young and laid back area of Luxembourg City? Head for Clausen, probably one of the capital’s liveliest districts. A little further from downtown, this is without a doubt, the perfect place to go out at night. This district is also very close to the MUDAM, the museum of modern art in Luxembourg. The museum was designed by architect Ieoh Ming Pei, known worldwide for having conceived the pyramid of the Louvre! This district is a great place to stay in Luxembourg City, especially if you want to enjoy a bustling nightlife without being too far from the main tourist attractions.

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Kirchberg District

Stay in Kirchberg, Luxembourg

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In full development, the new modern Kirchberg district offers new cultural infrastructures, including the Philharmonie or the Museum of Modern Art (MUDAM), featuring a world-class selection of concerts and exhibitions, and whose reputation extends well beyond the borders of the Grand Duchy.

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