The best areas to stay in Marbella

The best areas to stay in MarbellaSee the offers

Are you heading for the Costa del Sol, at the Southern end of Spain? Before packing your bags, find out about the best neighborhoods to stay in Marbella!

Located between Gibraltar and Malaga, Marbella is a small seaside resort with 130,549 inhabitants. With mild winters and blazing hot summers, this former mining and fishing village enjoys a Mediterranean climate. Marbella has benefited from its economic transition by becoming one of Spain’s major tourist hubs in the 20th century. A holiday destination prized by celebrities and known worldwide for its luxurious residences, accommodation in Marbella is bound to be expensive.

From Puerto Banús to the Marbella marina, from the historic district to Las Chapas beach, you will enjoy different atmospheres, all exuding a quaint charm, halfway between age-old tradition and modernity. Discover where to stay in Marbella.

The Historical Center

With its maze of white-painted alleyways, its traditional houses typical of Moorish Spain where bougainvilleas snake their way through the windows, and an urban scenery inviting generous, lush vegetation, the Old Town of Marbella exudes a unique character with a dash of tropical. The historic center has retained the charm of the small fishing village it once was. The Plaza de Los Naranjos (the Orange Square) is, as its name suggests, a district where the orange blossom infuses the atmosphere. In the evening, the terraces are crowded with late-night partying aficionados.

Take a stroll through the public parks of Parque de la Repressa, Parque de la Alameda and Parque de la Constitution before stopping by for a drink at one of the many terraces of Avenue Duque de Ahumada. Not far away, don’t miss the Spanish Contemporary Engraving Museum, a treasure-filled monument containing more than 4,000 prints and artworks by Picasso, Miró, Dalí, Chillida, Tápies, and Barceló. Luxurious, tranquil, and delightful: three words to sum up the experience of Marbella’s historic center, home to hidden gems such as the old medieval wall, and the parish of La Encarnación. Choose this area to stay in Marbella if you want to enjoy beautiful surroundings, and a culturally rich atmosphere, with access to everything on foot.

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Puerto Banús

Luxury lovers, this is your best place to stay in Marbella. Located to the southwest of the city, the luxury marina of Puerto Banús attracts a wealth of celebrities who come to dwell in the area’s prestigious residences. An open-air den for well-heeled celebs from all over the world, Puerto Banús is often compared to Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. Walk along the waterfront to experience the glitz and glamour reminiscent of Miami Beach’s jet-setters. And if you’re keen for a bit of an off-shore relaxing break, rent a catamaran and sail on the peaceful waters of the bay. Puerto Banús is a luxurious area to stay in Marbella, ideal for fashion and high-end shopping aficionados. However, the presence of yachts and luxury cars says it all: accommodation rates in this side of Marbella are exorbitant.

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Playa de las Chapas

Marbella hugs a 30-kilometer coastline featuring urban beaches, a seafront promenade, cheap to luxurious straw huts to party in, as well as peaceful spots that have retained an authentic and wild soul. Las Chapas beach has the advantage of being sparsely frequented but very well equipped. To the east, the Artola Dune and Cabopino Beach will delight you if you wish to relax to the sound of the rolling waves, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Aim for the east coast if you are looking for a tranquil area to stay in Marbella.

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