The best area to stay in Mexico City

The best areas to stay in Mexico CitySee the offers

Are you heading for Mexico, the land of the Aztecs? Discover our guide to the best neighborhoods to stay in while in Mexico City!

With a population of 8.9 million “Mexiqueños” and 22 million inhabitants spread throughout the metropolitan area, Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and the world’s second most populated city. Located in the center of Mexico, it is the country’s most important financial, economic and agricultural hub. Home to a breathtaking historical and cultural heritage, the Mexican capital is literally an open-air museum, built on the ruins of the Aztec Empire. You won’t have too much trouble finding a place to stay in Mexico City: there is plenty of accommodation available, from apartments to private homes, shared apartments, youth hostels, hotels, etc. However, as everywhere in America, the rates can sometimes be high.

Mexico City is subdivided into 16 “delegaciones,” or boroughs, and 400 districts spread over 1m,485 km²! A vast city indeed, extending over more than 50 kilometers from North to South and from West to East. We strongly suggest you look for a neighborhood to stay in Mexico City before your arrival. Here’s our presentation of the best areas to stay in Mexico City.

Centro Historico

The heart of the city, the historic center of Mexico City, is a tourist haunt. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987, the historic center houses the remains of the ancient Aztec city of Tenochtitlan, which was captured by the Spanish Conquistadors in 1521. The Centro Historico houses no less than 1,436 historic edifices, vestiges and extraordinary monuments, reflecting the city’s magnificence and cultural wealth throughout seven centuries of history. The Zocalo, the main square, is the world’s largest square after Moscow‘s Red Square. Choose this area to stay in Mexico City if you are fond of history and culture. Indeed, the city is home to 21 museums, and other famous landmarks such as the Palacio Nacional, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Latinoamericana Tower, the Palace of Fine Arts, the Plaza de las Tres Culturas.

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Roma, Juarez, Condesa

Closely linked to each other, the districts of Roma, Juarez, and Condensa adjoin the historic center on its western side. Undoubtedly the coolest areas to stay in Mexico City, these three districts have it all: color, creativity, youth, dynamism, and central locations. Culture-wise, there are countless venues to choose from, including many theaters, art galleries, and cinemas. You’ll also find an array of cool restaurants, cafés, bars, and terraces, as well as buzzing nightspots to party the night away. A natural haunt for Mexico City’s hipsters and creatives, including artists, musicians, designers, and tech professionals. The three districts exude an attractive blend of atmospheres from the fashion and business world, with a touch of party-driven extravagance. A somewhat upscale area, yet an excellent place to stay in Mexico City if you are a young party-goer, an artist or even a History aficionado.

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Stay in Coyoacan Mexico City

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Situated south of the city center, Coyoacan is a formerly peripheral district that has been swallowed up in Mexico City’s urban jungle. This lively area is packed with trendy bars and restaurants. Historically speaking, Coyoacan is not your average, ordinary neighborhood: this is where Leon Trotsky (1860-1940) was murdered and where Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera lived. Take the time to visit the Frida Kahlo Museum and explore Leon Trotsky’s house which has been kept it was at the time of his assassination. Both a peaceful and interesting neighborhood to stay in Mexico City.

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To the Southwest of the historic center, Chapultepec is Mexico City’s green “lung”: Bosque de Chapultepec (Chapultepec Forest) is one of the largest municipal parks in the world. While strolling across the park, don’t miss a visit to the National Museum of Anthropology, and discover the history of the American-Mexican war at Chapultepec Castle. The adjacent districts of Polanco, Anzures, and Condesa offer an array of accommodation options close to the park. A great place to stay in Mexico City, halfway between absolute tranquility and the bustling city center.

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