The best area to stay in Milan

The best area to stay in Milan

Where to stay during your trip in Italy’s second largest city? Presentation of the best areas to stay in Milan!

With an estimated population of 1.369 million and an area of 182 square kilometers, Milan is the second largest city in Italy after Rome, and is the fourth largest urban area in Europe after Moscow, Paris and London. Finding an apartment in what is known as the “fashion capital” will not be easy if your budget is limited. Milan is so prestigious, so quoted, so rich historically, culturally and economically, that it has the pageantry and the reputation of a megalopolis chic, sumptuous and luxurious.

7.65 million: this is the number of visitors who walked the bitumen of Milan spending at least one night in 2016. The richest city in Italy, located in the Po Valley, near the Alps and on the Lyon-Venice axis – the ideal route to get to the Balkans -, Milan occupies a geostrategic position. Here is a presentation of the neighborhoods where to stay in Milan.

Historical Center, the tourist neighborhood

Old Centre, best area to stay in Milan

Crédit photo: Flickr – Roy Luck

All visits to Milan always begins with its famous most famous monument: the dome or duomo. Nicknamed the “Marble Hedgehog”, this cathedral combines Gothic, Neo-Gothic and Neoclassical eras and styles. In the center you will visit the Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery, the Palazzo Reale and the famous Teatro alla Scala, the Milan Opera House. The city center obviously includes a plethora of bars, restaurants and shops to enjoy Milan with everything close to it. On the housing side, staying in this area of Milan will be very expensive, try to get away if your budget pales a little.

Navigli, the picturesque neighborhood

Navigli, best area to stay in Milan

Crédit photo: Flickr – Jeff Krause

Located south of downtown, the Navigli area is for you if you are young and you love to swim in a student, multicultural and party animals. Here, the world is upside down: a neighborhood of night owls, quite the opposite of the diurnal animals of downtown … In the evening, the quays of the canal turn into a squat where young people come to party. The weekend, a change of scenery with the Sunday market, more family-oriented, with exhibitions and flea markets to find a marvel, a relic of a bygone era. The district is however dense, your housing will not be as vast as in the peripheral districts. This is a good area to stay in Milan if you like lively and festive areas.

Porta Venezia, for students

Porta Venezia, best area to stay in Milan

Crédit photo: Flickr – Alan Cordova

Small neighborhood perched north-east of the city center, it will delight young visitors. It is a lively district frequented by Milanese youth and the LGBT community. It also concentrates many historical buildings of the 19th century, with the Natural History Museum and the Gallery of Modern Art. It cuts the Park Indro Montanelli in two, enough to enjoy a shady ride, away from the urban turmoil of the city center and boulevards. If you are young, party-loving and enjoy cultural getaways, this is the area to stay in Milan for you.

Brera and Quadrilatero della Moda, Fashion Milan

Brera, best area to stay in Milan

Crédit photo: Flickr – Alessandro

Located inside the Via Senato – the boulevard that surrounds the districts of the hypercentre – you will have here all the comfort and charm of an urban center: bars, colorful and picturesque alleys, art galleries, restaurants … The neighborhood is teeming with people all day long and seems in constant boil. Brera is known for hosting the famous Pinacoteca de Brera, one of the most important ancient and modern art museums in Italy. Further east, the Fashion Quadrilateral brings together a string of prestigious boutiques such as Armani or Dolce & Gabbana. Book an apartment in this area if you are looking for security and comfort.

Parco Sempione, the family neighborhood

Parco Sempione, best area to stay in Milan

Crédit photo: Flickr – Mike Beales

To the north-west, the Sempione district and its park will appeal to family travelers. The neighborhood is lush greenery in the city, very quiet and shady, quiet and pleasant. It is a good area to stay in Milan if you are looking to escape the raging areas. Your children will appreciate the proximity of the park, the lawns and the walks that the park has to offer.

Moscova and Corso Como, the upper class area

Corso Como, best area to stay in Milan

Crédit photo: Flickr – Dave Pinter

This is the haunt of celebrities and the wealthy Italian class, who come to spend good time in the bars and restaurants chic and trendy. The Champs-Élysées in Paris, the Saint-Tropez Var, the Greek Santorini in Milan: a district for gold portfolios. The neighborhood is very lively and attractive. Choose this area to stay in Milan if you love luxury, social life and live as a rich person.

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