The best areas to stay in Murcia

The best areas to stay in MurciaSee the offers

Are you visiting the Murcia region for the holidays? Before you leave, find where to stay in Murcia!

Located in southeastern Spain in the Segura Valley and bordered by the river of the same name, 35 kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea – and only 350 km from Madrid -, Murcia is the seventh largest city in Spain. With a total population of 442,203, the city has 690,000 inhabitants throughout its metropolitan area. Murcia has a semi-arid Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and blazing hot summers, and very little rainfall. Accommodation rates in Murcia are substantially cheaper than in other neighboring European countries, though they vary from one district to another.

Every quarter of Murcia reveals its charms to its lucky visitors. Boasting a rich historical and archaeological heritage, offering a blend of Andalusian, Valencian and Catalonian cultures, and known for its fantastic cuisine, Murcia is an art-minded city, an open-air architectural museum on its own. Discover where to stay in Murcia!

La Catedral

The central district is organized around Murcia Cathedral, built on an old mosque between the 13th and 18th centuries. Marked by 600 years of history, the cathedral has undergone various influences, resulting in an impressive blend of architectural styles including Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. This local landmark, regardless of your faith or personal beliefs, is a must-see in Murcia. You can climb up to the tower to enjoy a breathtaking view of the city, and visit the chapels of Les Vélez and Junterón. This district near the banks of the Segura River is home to many restaurants, historic buildings, green spaces, and a wealth of narrow cobbled streets to wander through. However, this wealthy area is also one of the most expensive places to stay in Murcia.

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La Merced

North of the city center, La Merced district is the favorite haunt of the middle classes, young people, and students: this is where most of Murcia’s nightlife takes place. Featuring countless bars, tapas eateries, terraces, the lively streets of La Merced attract party-goers until dawn. If you’re looking for a party-friendly quarter, choose this area to stay in Murcia. Of course, life in Murcia is not just about nightclubbing, the district also houses theaters, the University of Murcia, and green spaces such as the Garden of the Constitution. La Merced is an excellent place to stay in Murcia, offering a good compromise between a peaceful lifestyle during the day and a buzzing nightlife in the evening.

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Gran Via

To the west, from Puente Viejo – “the Old Bridge” – to the Plaza Circular – “the Round Square” -, the neighborhood of Gran Via extends around the boulevard Gran Vía del Escultor Francisco Salzillo. Lined with an array of shops of all kinds, Gran Via is a wealthy quarter. If you want to shop and bring back a lot of souvenirs home, this is the place for you. However, it is the most expensive neighborhood to stay in Murcia. Of course, the streets are packed with numerous tapas bars, a typically Spanish favorite! If you want to do everything on foot, and don’t mind the bustling shopping-centered atmosphere, choose this area to stay in Murcia.

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