The best areas to stay in Mykonos

The best areas to stay in MykonosSee the offers

This summer, discover the sun-kissed Greek islands of the Cyclades. Here’s where to stay in Mykonos!

Nicknamed “the Island of the Winds,” Mykonos is one of Greece’s most charming tourist destinations. Populated by 10,150 people, Mykonos is one of the most visited of the Greek islands. Home to heavenly beaches, whitewashed villages set against the deep blue sea, authentic mills, typical Greek culinary specialties, and narrow picturesque alleyways, Mykonos is the place to be. Despite its success, the island has retained its distinctive charm. Nicknamed “Little Venice” or “Chora” – which means “the town” in Greek -, the town of Mykonos is the capital of the island. It is the most emblematic town of the Cyclades, offering the most beautiful views of the deep blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Mykonos is a favorite holiday destination for well-heeled visitors. Packed with nightlife hotspots, the city center of Mykonos-Chora attracts thousands of tourists who come to visit the island, but Chora will also seduce history and culture aficionados.

Keen to stay in Mykonos? Be aware that apartments in Mykonos can be expensive, especially during the summer season, when prices often soar. We’ve selected some of the best areas to stay in Mykonos.

Little Venice

Stay in Little Venice, Mykonos

Nicknamed “Little Venice” or “Alefkandra,” Mykonos’ historic district originates from the time when the women of Mykonos came here to wash their clothes. Little Venice is dotted with numerous cafés and restaurants where you can enjoy a gourmet break and a snack after wandering through the narrow alleyways of the city center on your way to the port. To the north, the Paraportiani Church – an assemblage of five different churches – boasts bright white walls which contrast beautifully with the deep blue of the sky and the sea. It is featured in many of the Cyclades souvenir photos, don’t forget to visit it!

The city is built in the shape of an amphitheater wrapped around the port. It’s a fantastic experience to stroll around the town to admire its whitewashed cubic houses with vintage windows, balconies, and blue shutters, adorned with twisting bougainvilleas and red or purple fuchsias. You would think you were in the typical Tunisian village of Sidi Bou Saïd. Little Venice is the best place to stay in Mykonos if you want to experience the charms of the city.

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The port of Chora

Stay in the Old Port of Mykonos

To the north of the historic center, discover the traditional fishing port of Mykonos, a charming setting where you can enjoy a drink on a terrace. Don’t miss a visit to the Archaeological Museum, the Nautical Museum, the Folklore Museum, and the Maritime Museum. The area surrounding the port of Chora is an excellent place to stay in Mykonos. Steps away from your accommodation, relax on the beautiful beach of Agia Anna set in the cove opening onto the port. During the summer season, avoid staying in Chora if you are ochlophobic because the narrow streets easily become crowded and it can be oppressive.

From the port, you can go to the hills of Chora to admire the famous windmills of Mykonos, dating back to the 16th century. The mills used to form an essential part of the island’s agricultural and economic activity for over 400 years.

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