The best areas to stay in Martinique

The best areas to stay on MartiniqueSee the offers

Are you off to the Caribbean islands, home to “the island of flowers”? Here’s where to stay in Martinique!

Located in the Lesser Antilles archipelago, Martinique – 380,877 inhabitants – is the archetype of the paradise island where you can spend a dream holiday. With an average temperature of 80°F all year round, Martinique is home to idyllic beaches, transparent waters surrounding white sand or black volcanic sand beaches, rugged hiking trails – Mount Pelée -, lush tropical greenery, breathtaking fauna and flora, seaside resorts from Trois-Ilets to Sainte-Anne via Fort-de-France, and countless scuba diving sites. An overseas region of France, Martinique is cosmopolitan and yet rooted in tradition, the island also boasts a rich historical, cultural, and culinary heritage. As with other islands where demand exceeds supply of accommodation, it can be expensive to stay in Martinique.

From Fort-de-France to Le Lamentin, from Le Diamant to Morne Rouge, from Sainte-Anne to Trois-Ilets, we tell you where to stay in Martinique (vacation rentals, homestay rentals, private rooms).

The North of the island

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The north of Martinique is home to a third of the island’s population. Mount Pelée – an active volcano which rises to 1,397 meters – makes this region known throughout the world. Many hiking trails wind their way up the slopes of the volcano. Nature lovers will be delighted by the lush, tropical nature, thanks to abundant rainfall compared to the south. Mount Pelée (meaning “bald mountain” or “peeled” mountain”) is the place to stay in Martinique if you’re a nature lover. Many paths wind their way to the volcano, especially the one on the heights of Morne Rouge. At the foot of the volcano sits the city of Saint-Pierre, known for its black sandy beaches. You’ll find an array of bars, terraces, and restaurants along the waterfront, next to the Centre de Découverte des Sciences et de la Terre (Earth Sciences Discovery Centre) and the Franck Pellier Volcanological Museum. Saint-Pierre is an excellent place to stay in Martinique, allowing you to spend relaxing days in the middle of a lush natural setting.

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The center of the island

Stay in central Martinique

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In the center-east, don’t miss the fishing village of Tartane if you like seafood restaurants and historic villages whose authenticity has been thankfully preserved. Not far away, the Caravelle peninsula – 12 kilometers long – is, with Sainte-Anne, the oldest part of Martinique. This National Nature Reserve features hiking trails that will take you to the edge of a mangrove forest, not to mention the ruins of Dubuc Castle, a former settler’s “home”. This is an ideal area to stay in Martinique if you are landing or have to catch a return flight from Fort-de-France. It’s also an excellent location if you want to indulge in a heavenly scenery, away from the tourist crowds of the south.

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The South of the island

Most of the beaches in the southern part of Martinique are often crowded with millions of tourists who come to visit the island all year round, between the Anses d’Arlet in the west and Cap Chevalier in the east. However, it is possible to find peaceful and rarely visited beaches to rest under a coconut tree. If you like tropical beaches, stop at Anse des Salines, Anse Michel, Anse Dufour or Grande Anse d’Arlet: a place where people come to celebrate with their feet in the sand until the end of the night.

A little further up, Les Trois Ilets is one of the busiest cities in Martinique: the town has managed to preserve its picturesque charm. You will find the marina, water sports, shops in the “Creole Village”, a golf course, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and a casino. Not far from the bay of Fort-de-France, enjoy the artificial beaches of Pointe du Bout, its warm waters, and countless hotels.

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