The best areas to stay in Oslo

The best areas to stay in OsloSee the offers

Are you heading to Norway, the land of the vikings? Discover the best neighborhoods to stay in Oslo!

Located north of Oslofjord, Oslo is the capital of Norway, extending over an area of 454 km². Oslo is Norway’s most populous city with 623,966 people living in the city and a population of 1,403,268 spread throughout the urban area. Oslo is also one of the world’s most expensive cities, and accommodation in Oslo is no exception to the rule. The cheapest accommodation option will cost you €50 per night, and you’ll have to spend more than €100 for a comfortable stay in Oslo’s city center.

Oslo is subdivided into fifteen districts – bydeler in Norwegian – but we recommend booking your accommodation in the city center. Discover our selection of the best areas to stay in Oslo.


Sentrum, best area to stay in Oslo

Photo credit: Flickr – Jorge Franganillo

The city’s beating heart, the Sentrum is the place to be in Oslo, and it is an excellent starting point to visit the city. You will find everything you need from museums to bars, restaurants, and a myriad of shops. Built around the city’s harbor, this bustling district is the ideal area to look for a hotel. It contains many historic buildings and museums – the Ibsen Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Historical Museum, the Great National Gallery, the National Theatre -, the Oslo Opera House and the Royal Palace Garden, to visit. Take the time to enjoy a relaxing stroll around the Slottsparken, the neighborhood’s green lung. An excellent area to stay in Oslo, but be prepared to spend, spend, and spend some more.

Aker Brygge

Aker Brygge, best area to stay in Oslo

Photo credit: Flickr – frkstyle

Adjacent to the historic center, Aker Brygge was once an old, run-down dockyard, and is now an attractive – and expensive – shopping-friendly neighborhood. Formerly working-class, this gentrified area now has much to offers to its visitors, including a marina, countless bars and restaurants, and a huge shopping center. Choose this area to stay in Oslo if you want to stroll along the water, watch luxury yachts at anchor or wait for your ferry to visit the Bygdøy peninsula, the Oslofjord and reach Kiel (Germany) or Copenhagen (Denmark) by boat.


Grunerlokka, best area to stay in Oslo

Photo credit: Flickr – Ksenia Novikova

Located north of the Sentrum, Grünerløkka is Oslo’s young, student, lively and festive district. A haven for artists and creatives, preserved from mass tourism, Grünerløkka is in many ways Oslo’s coolest neighborhood, home to the city’s trendiest spots. You’ll find a myriad of small cafés, bars, and restaurants alongside many vintage, design, and art deco shops as well as local produce stores. The area is also home to the Rockefeller Music Hall and is packed with a wealth of green spaces, ideal for walks during the warm season. Grünerløkka is definitely the best neighborhood to enjoy the city’s trendy nightlife, but it is an expensive area to stay in Oslo.


Gronland, best area to stay in Oslo

Photo credit: Flickr – Arild Storaas

Grønland is Oslo’s cosmopolitan neighborhood, situated only a ten-minute walk from the city center. In this multicultural hub, Pakistani grocery stores sit alongside international cuisine restaurants, Eastern pastry shops, “organic” fruit and vegetable markets, and Indian clothing boutiques. Don’t miss a relaxing walk at the botanical garden, nestled on the southern side of the neighborhood. If you’re in the mood for art and culture, visit the Munch Museum, the Intercultural Museum or the Geology and Paleontology Museum. Offering a reasonable compromise regarding both living costs and location, Grønland is a convenient place to stay in Oslo.

Majorstuen (Majorstua)

Majorstuen, best area to stay in Oslo

Photo credit: Flickr – Patrick Poculan

Situated on the outskirts of the city center, Majorstuen (or Majorstua) is Oslo’s bourgeois district. You’ll find an array of shops and major luxury stores alongside bars, trendy clubs, and restaurants serving refined, gourmet cuisine. A pleasant and peaceful area to stay in Oslo, offering a blend of nightlife, chic shopping, and good food. Don’t miss a visit to Vigeland Park, the Museum of Children’s Art, and the University of Oslo.

Main photo credit : Flickr – Mariano Mantel

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