The best areas to stay in Oxford

The best areas to stay in OxfordSee the offers

Are you thinking of traveling to Oxford, the very archetype of the city of knowledge? Read our selection of the best places to stay in Oxford!

Nicknamed “the city of dreaming spires” after the stunning architecture of the city’s university buildings, Oxford is a mirror of British culture and history. Boasting a unique historical, academic, cultural, and gothic architectural heritage in the United Kingdom – the city is home to the oldest university in the English-speaking world -, Oxford is also one of England’s economic centers, located only 90 kilometers northwest of London along the banks of the Thames. With a population of 159,600 inhabitants (2015), the city is mainly populated by young people and students. Accommodation-wise, Oxford is one of the most affordable cities in Britain.

With its stunning architecture, countless museums, its vibrant nightlife, and its welcoming population, Oxford continually attracts many visitors. Here is our selection of the best areas to stay in Oxford.

Oxford city center

The city center is Oxford’s historic district, housing most of Oxford’s historic buildings, cultural events, pubs, bars, and restaurants, museums. A wide range of accommodation is available in the city center, with something for everyone: youth hostels (backpackers hostel), hotels and private lodging. Be careful, due to the high number of tourists in this highly sought-after area, the demand for housing often exceeds supply: accommodation rates are likely to rise, especially during the summer season.

Stroll along the area’s many pedestrian and shop-filled streets and immerse yourself in the city’s bustling and vibrant social life. The city’s historic center is Oxford’s most picturesque and authentic district: it is noisy during the day, and very quiet at nighttime. Though accommodation rates in the city center are high, you will not have to pay for public transport! An expensive, but convenient and beautiful place to stay in Oxford.

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Though Jericho is a rather quiet residential area perched north of the city center, you’ll still find many pubs, bars, and restaurants lining the banks of the River Thames and along Little Clarendon Street. Port Meadows is a large meadow beside the Thames, a huge green lung allowing a walk in a green setting in the heart of the city to feel like in the countryside. Formerly an industrial area that was later revamped and gentrified, Jericho is a pleasant place to stay in Oxford, away from the hustle and bustle of the city center. Packed with vegan cafes, independent bike shops, vinyl record stores, and independent coffee shops, Jericho is one of the UK’s ‘most hip’ destinations.

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Located southeast of the historic center, Cowley is Oxford’s cosmopolitan and alternative district. Cowley is home to people from different nationalities and backgrounds, as well as many students. The area also attracts BMW employees, who are employed by the Oxford plant to manufacture the famous “Mini” car. Cowley is packed with bars, cafés, and restaurants serving international cuisine (Asian, Indian, European): a great place to delight your taste buds if you are looking for more exotic specialties than English food…

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Oxford’s suburbs

Looking to stay in Oxford in a quiet and green-filled environment, away from the more urbanized and touristy city center of Oxford? Tired of visiting the city’s historic universities and pubs for the hundredth time? We’ve selected a few areas to stay in Oxford, neighborhoods that are ideal for families and expatriates: Botley, Cutteslowe, Grandpont, Headington. These neighborhoods are close enough to the center, while but still provide work (education, industry, services) and lower accommodation rates than in other parts of Oxford. Make sure you book your accommodation close to a station, allowing you to reach the city center in a short time!

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