The best areas to stay in Palermo

The best areas to stay in PalermoSee the offers

Do you want to go to Sicily for the holidays? Here are some of the best places to stay in Palermo!

With close to 650,000 inhabitants and 25 neighborhoods, Palermo is the fifth most populous city in Italy and the most populated city of Sicily, ahead of Catania. The city is located on the North side of the Island of Sicily, across the Tyrrhenian sea from Naples. Founded around the 8th century BC, this brightly-colored town has an impressive historical and cultural heritage, which is why visitors find it so charming to visit. With a beautiful coast, the iconic Santuario di Santa Rosalia perched atop a steep hill and a treasured history, Palermo is often considered to be a strongly contrasted city: either dazzling or fascinating, at times lively, relaxing, annoying, or confusing. Find out where to stay in Palermo during your trip! These are the 4 neighborhoods we recommend for your stay in Palermo.

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Quattro Canti and historic center

Centre, best area in stay in Palermo

Photo credit: Flickr – Massimo Frasson

The historic centre of Palermo – centro storico di Palermo – is a good starting point to discover the city. Backpackers, young people, couples, families: don’t hesitate to stay a few nights in the center as you will be close to everything: from monuments and historic buildings, to bars and restaurants, as well as museums and shops. The historic center consists of four districts: Kalsa, Castellammare, Monte di Pieta, and Albergheria. Here you will find the most visited sites, including the Quattro Canti, Piazza Marina, via Lincoln (with its nearby Central Station and the Botanical Garden), Via Vittorio Emanuele, via Maqueda, via Roma, which are the main streets of downtown Palermo.

The historic center is a lively district that has traversed all ages, and blends many cultures, the island having been successively ruled by the Phoenicians, Rome, Byzantines, Arabs, Norman, Teutons, Vienna, and Spain. Centro Storico is the multicultural Palermo where each narrow street is infused with a profusion of scents, flavors, and Mediterranean colors. In the center, you will find most of the accommodation and many things to do day and night. Don’t miss the historic markets: Ballarò, Capo, and Vucciria, where you will find yourself in total immersion. This is a good area to stay in Palermo, though the streets can be noisy and easily crowded with tourists, especially in the summer.

Borgo Vecchio

Borgo Vecchio, best area in stay in Palermo

Photo credit: Flickr – luca savettiere

Located further away from downtown’s busy boulevards, between the port area and the high-end neighbourhoods, Borgo Vecchio is an extension of the bustling heart of the city. The area is packed with an array of bars, cafes, and restaurants. Known for its buzzing nightlife it is perfect for all night owls, and those who love to party the night away. If that is the case then Borgo Vecchio is probably the best area for you to stay in Palermo.

Politeama – Libertà

Stay in Politeama - Libertà, Palermo

Situated right to the West of Borgo Vecchio, Politeama Liberta is an elegant neighborhood in central Palermo that will offer lots of shopping venues and a clean and classy environment. The neighborhood offers a nice selection of homestay accomodation and rental apartments but they will be on the more expensive side. While in the neighborhood, catch a show at the Politeama Garibaldi Theater or visit the delightful English Garden, a little haven of peace in busy Palermo.

Mondello and Addaura, at the water’s edge

Mondello, best area in stay in Palermo

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While staying close to Palermo, why not rent an apartment or sleep at at hotel on the coast? Situated seaside on an island, Mondello and Addaurais are perfect places to enjoy a restful stay without the inconvenience of the tumult of the city center. At the foot of Mount Pellegrino, these two interesting districts of Palermo will offer you a different experience than the rest of Palermo.. These areas are quiet all year round and offer an eye-full of magnificent features: fine sand, turquoise waters, refined architecture… In other words, staying in Mondello or Addaura is simply a beautiful experience. Renting accommodation here will be synonymous with rest and relaxation! These neighborhoods are pretty far from the city center, about 6 miles away, and public transport isn’t as reliable as you would hope. As such, we recommend you think about renting a car in Palermo if you are to stay here, and as a result, we recommend you book a parking spot in Palermo before you arrive, as it can be tricky to find spots otherwise.

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