The best area to stay in Pisa

The best areas to stay in PisaSee the offers

Are you planning to visit Pisa in the beautiful region of Tuscany? Here is our selection of the best places to stay in Pisa!

The fifth largest city in Tuscany, situated between Florence and the Mediterranean Sea, Pisa is home to the iconic leaning tower – the Torre pendente. Once an economic and maritime power from Antiquity to the Middle Ages, the city of Pisa today is home to 90,000 inhabitants and boasts an impressive historical and cultural heritage despite its relatively small size. In fact, Pisa is home to numerous landmarks, such as Piazza del Duomo – and the famous leaning tower -, many squares, churches, and age-old buildings erected in the Middle Ages. Pisa is also the birthplace of Galileo Galilei (1564-1642). As everywhere in the north of Italy, accommodation can be expensive especially during the summer period when millions of tourists come to photograph themselves in front of the tower of Pisa.

Divided in two by the Arno river, the city comprises four historic districts: Santa Maria, San Francesco, Sant’ Antonio, and San Martino.

Santa Maria

Santa Maria, best area to stay in Pisa

Photo credit: Flickr – Marlon Dias

To stay in Pisa, we recommend the Santa Maria neighbourhood, very central and peaceful. It is located not far from the Miracles Square – Piazza dei Miracoli – where you can visit the leaning tower and the imposing cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption. Santa Maria is in many ways an ideal place to stay in Pisa because everything will be easily accessible. From historical monuments to the bustling centre where you can shop at the market – on Piazza delle Vettovaglie – during the day and go out at night. Santa Maria’s pedestrian cobbled streets are dotted with an array of small boutiques. You’ll also find small quiet bars nestled in this picturesque old town centre, and of course restaurants to taste savoury Tuscan specialities, such as pici (a kind of spaghetti), zuppe (seafood soup), and the famous olive oil bruschetta.

San Francesco

San Francesco, best area to stay in Pisa

Photo credit: Flickr – Jean-Paul Navarro

San Francesco is quieter than Santa Maria. This quarter will delight you if you are looking for a tranquil place to stay in Pisa. In the evening, go out for a peaceful night stroll along the quays of the Arno river. You can also treat your taste buds at one of the restaurants in Pisa and find out why Italian gastronomy is widely considered one of the best in the world! A quiet area to stay in Pisa, with small squares nestled amidst a maze of narrow streets.

San Martino

San Martino, best area to stay in Pisa

Photo credit: Flickr – Pom Angers

Located south of the quays of Arno, the San Martino quarter is a pleasant area to stay in Pisa. You can stroll peacefully between the docks and the Scotto garden. Many shows take place during the summer. Wander along San Martino’s charming narrow streets and visit its multi-centenary churches. The area is also known for housing “Tuttomondo”, a work of street art by Keith Haring and a distinctive feature of this quarter of Pisa.

Sant’ Antonio

Sant' Antonio, best area to stay in Pisa

Photo credit: Flickr – Renato Torii

This old quarter of Sant’ Antonio has the advantage of being located very close to the central station of Pisa. It is ideal for putting down your luggage and stay in Pisa if you’re planning to arrive late in the evening or early in the morning via train. Numerous shops line Corso Italia, the city’s main shopping street, adjacent to Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II.

Main photo credit : Flickr – Herbert Frank

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