The best areas to stay in Pula

The best areas to stay in PulaSee the offers

Are you planning a holiday in the Croatian city of Pula, in the Balkans? Find out where to stay in Pula!

Pula is a bilingual Italian/Croatian town situated at the southern tip of Istria, Croatia, with a population of over 58,500 and a history dating back to 3,000 years. In this age-old city that blends ancient and modern architecture, many Roman remains bear witness to two millennia of history. Safe to say, there will be no shortage of visits during your stay in Pula! As everywhere in Croatia – the French Riviera of the European Union -, the tourist affluence is very high during the summer: accommodation in Pula can consequently be expensive.

In Pula’s relatively small city center, home to a vibrant nightlife, most accommodation in the city is likely to be a little noisy. It is, therefore, better to stay away from bars and nightclubs if you are looking for peace and quiet. You could aim, for example, to find a hotel in the beach side. Here is our selection of the best areas to stay in Pula and surroundings.

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The historic centre

Centre, best area to stay in Pula

Photo credit: Flickr – Hotice Hsu

Each year, millions of visitors visit the historic center of Pula, making it one of the most popular tourist sports in Croatia after Dubrovnik. The ancient quarter of the city especially, where the old meets the contemporary, tends to draw crowds. In addition to the hordes of tourists practicing the art of selfie on every street corner, you will find the emblematic remains of Pula: the Forum – the main square in Roman times -, the amphitheatre, the Roman theatre, the Temple of Augustus, the Golden Gate, the Sergi’s Arch, the Gate of Hercules, the double gate, and the Venetian fortress – Kastel – which overlooks the old town. This ancient setting is also the scene of a vibrant nightlife, packed with all the infrastructures of our modern era: nightclubs, bars, cinemas. Be aware that if you come to stay in Pula in July and August, accommodation rates are likely to be multiplied by two!

The surroundings of Pula

Beach, best area to stay in Pula

Photo credit: Flickr – Christoph Sammer

From May to September, thousands of young people from all over Europe gather on the beaches of Pula to celebrate the nights away. Crowded with partygoers and permanently noisy, Pula’s beaches can quickly turn into an open-air festival. If you seek a calm and tranquil area to stay in Pula, this kind of atmosphere will make you run away. If you want to explore the Pula peninsula, you can stay in Pula at night and hike during the day in the Kamenjak National Park near Premantura, the Brijuni Islands National Park, as well as the villages of Rovinj – for a successful romantic getaway – and Bale amongst other picturesque towns.

If you’re looking to stay in Pula and its surroundings, you’ll find a wide range of available accommodation, from homestay camping to youth hostels, from hotels to rented apartments (Airbnb). A good compromise is to rent an apartment near the beaches of Pula, at walking distance (10-15 minutes walk) from the city center of Pula.

Main photo credit : Flickr – Follow__it

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