The best areas to stay in Seville

The best areas to stay in SevilleSee the offers

Seville is the third most visited city in Spain. Are you looking for a place to stay in the Andalusian capital? Find out below about the best areas to stay in Seville!

Built on the banks of the Guadalquivir river, the city of Seville – capital of the autonomous community of Andalusia – is one of the largest conurbations in Spain with over 700,000 inhabitants. Staying in Seville allows you to discover the city’s incredible historical, architectural, and artistic wealth. From a tourism point of view, Spain – the world’s third tourist destination – owes a lot to Seville. With its dreamlike Mediterranean climate – on average 60°F in January, 97°F in July – Seville attracted 2.7 million visitors in 2016.

The agricultural, economic, and cultural center of Andalusia, Seville is home to many historical must-see monuments such as the Alcazar, the Plaza de España, the Golden Tower, the Palace of San Telmo, and the Casa de Pilatos. Staying in Seville is unlike any other tourist destination: accommodation rates drop in Summer – as it becomes too hot – and rise in Spring. Here is a selection of the best places to stay in Seville.

Santa Cruz and the cathedral: the historical centre

Santa Cruz, best area to stay in Seville

Photo credit: Flickr – calansa

Most of Seville’s tourists swarm the Santa Cruz area day and night. This very colorful district seems to have preserved its authenticity, thanks to its maze of winding alleys and small shaded squares exuding a thousand different aromas. The area is home to the majority of not-to-be-missed monuments, authentic tapas bars (a definite must-try!), traditional restaurants, typical quaint Sevillian houses, majestic palaces, and flower-infused patios.

Don’t miss “El Arenal”, the bullring quarter, where you’ll have a chance to attend a bullfight (from April to October). If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the city’s bustling local life, while enjoying Seville’s nightlife and cultural attractions, choose this area to rent an apartment: it’s a stone’s throw from everything and the most central area to stay in Seville.

Triana, the friendly and authentic Sevillian quarter

Triana, best area to stay in Seville

Photo credit: Flickr – ijclark

On the left bank of the Guadalquivir, Triana is a more authentic, friendlier, livelier, and generally a more pleasant neighborhood to stay in Seville. Triana takes on the spirit of a small Andalusian village: to stay in Triana is to fully embrace the Andalusian lifestyle while staying away from the hordes of tourists who swarm the city center all day (and all night). Formerly the gypsy quarter, it is now a recently-gentrified hipster haunt. However, accommodation rates in this area remain very affordable.

Alameda de Hércules

Alameda de Hercules, best area to stay in Seville

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Every city has a street known for its bars and clubs. Alameda de Hércules is the equivalent in Seville. This is where night owls gather for drinks and listen to all kinds of music, particularly flamenco. The neighborhood has made a lot of effort to change its reputation from ill-famed area to a trendy place to be. Alameda de Hércules is the place to drink and feast on delicious tapas. If the bustling spirit of young and festive neighborhoods – a pleonasm in Andalusia – does not bother you, this is an excellent area to stay in Seville, with accommodation rates that can be very cheap.

El Centro, Seville shopping

Centro, best area to stay in Seville

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El Centro is the best neighborhood to stay in in Seville if you enjoy shopping. This area houses a wealth of clothing boutiques and large department stores. Deserted at mid day, the neighborhood is swarming during mornings and evenings. However, El Centro is rather calm during nighttime. If you are looking to spend some fun and entertaining nights, book a hotel or rent an apartment in another area.

La Macarena, for peace of mind

La Macarena, best area to stay in Seville

Photo credit: Flickr – Cinthia Bravo

A small village within the city, La Macarena offers a blend of atmospheres. On the one hand, the night owls of the adjacent neighborhood – Alameda – who come here to calm down a bit after a night out. And on the other hand, the families who come to La Macarena to visit the oldest market in town: “calle Feria“. The market place, exuding a profusion of aromas and boasting a wide selection of seafood tapas, is a must-see in Seville. This neighborhood offers a good alternative area to stay in Seville: a pleasant compromise between the city’s bustling nightlife, the dense city center, and peaceful and quiet accommodation at affordable rates. A place to relax while being able to indulge in the Andalusian evenings, typical of Spain.

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