The best areas to stay in Sorrento

The best areas to stay in SorrentoSee the offers

Planning to stay in southern Italy for the holidays? Discover the best areas to stay in Sorrento!

Situated in the province of Naples in Campania, Sorrento – Surriento in Neapolitan, Sorrento in Italian – is a small town of 16,589 inhabitants, overlooking the Bay of Naples in Southern Italy. Sorrento is located a few kilometers from the famous ancient archaeological sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum, Naples, and Vesuvius. Sorrento is also known worldwide for the production of limoncello, the famous lemon liqueur. You won’t have too much trouble finding a place to stay in Sorrento. However, we strongly recommend you book your stay in advance, especially during the touristy summer season, when accommodation demand is high.

Thanks to its rich historical heritage, its exceptional microclimate, and generous nature replete with olive trees, orange trees, and lemon trees, Sorrento is an ideal place to visit before heading to Naples, Pompeii, Vesuvius, and the Amalfi Coast. Without further ado, here’s where to stay in Sorrento.

The historic center

Stay in Downtown Sorrento

Perched on a cliff overlooking the sea, the historic center of Sorrento is home to a maze of cobbled streets and century-old landmark buildings, offering an eyeful of majestic Baroque and Renaissance architecture. The central square, Piazza Tasso, is a vibrant and lively favorite local haunt. The city centre features an array of museums to visit – for example: the Museo Bottega de la Tarsia Lignea, and Correale di Terranova Museum -, as well as the Sorrento Cathedral, the Casa di Cornelia Tasso, the Palazzo Veniero, numerous churches and the Villa Communale de Sorrento, where you can enjoy a splendid view of the Bay of Naples and Vesuvius.

Along the cliffs, wander from the picturesque port of Marina Grande to the “L’agruminato” park via Piazza Della Vittoria (Victory Square): on the way, you’ll find many bars and restaurants awaiting their customers. In the evening, you’ll be able to admire magnificent sunsets. The area around the port is a great area to stay in Sorrento, the perfect gateway to discover the island of Capri, to the west. All in all, the historic center is an excellent place to stay in Sorrento; however, accommodation rates in hotels and even youth hostels are expensive.

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Offering breathtaking views of the Neapolitan coast, Sant’Agnello is a neighboring town of Sorrento: it is located only ten minutes from Corso Italia, Sorrento’s main thoroughfare. Sant’Agnello is filled with bars, restaurants, fruit and vegetable markets and hotels. Be aware that accommodation in Sant’Agnello is often luxurious and therefore expensive: staying for one or several nights in Sant’Agnello is not something everyone will be able to afford. However, everyone can go swimming at Marinella Beach, or admire the flamboyant colors of the sun’s rays shining on the rocks at twilight.

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Marina di Puolo

Keen to take a dip in clear, turquoise waters? Head towards Marina di Puolo, a delightful small village nestled in a cove between the sea and the mountains, located west of Sorrento at the end of the peninsula. Enjoy the beach of Puolo before indulging in a delicious meal in one of the beachside restaurants along the Via Marina di Puolo. The village remains vibrant and lively even in wintertime, thanks to its protected position in a cove that lends it an almost summer-like atmosphere, even in the off-season. Make sure you book your stay in advance as it’s bound to be crowded in the summer.

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