The best areas to stay in Taipei

The best areas to stay in TaipeiSee the offers

Are you planning a trip to the island of Taiwan? Find out where to stay in Taipei, the Taiwanese capital!

If you travel to Taipei, you will be struck by the disconcertingly tranquil atmosphere in the streets and the hospitality of the Taiwanese people. With a population of 2,618,772 and 6.8 million people in its metropolitan area, Taipei is nevertheless noisy and polluted. Though accommodation rates are high, finding a place to stay in Taipei is easy.

The city is divided into 12 districts but we recommend targeting the central neighborhoods to avoid wasting time in the metro (MRT). Indeed, Taipei’s suburbs (the city of New Taipei) are vast and far from the city center. Here is our guide to the best neighborhoods to stay in Taipei.

Wan Hua

Wan-Hua – also known in Taiwanese Hokkien as “Báng-kah khu,” and historically as “Monka” – is Taipei’s oldest district. Home to the temple of Lungshan, it also houses the most picturesque street in the city. Situated along Lane 173, Bopiliao Historic Street is a famous shopping street dating back to the Qing Dynasty (1683-1895). Overall, Wan-Hua District offers a fascinating blend of tradition and modernity. You’ll come across different atmospheres at every street corner. Favored by the Taiwanese youth, the neighborhood of Ximending, for example, boasts a modern spirit, with a hint of counter-culture. It is packed with an array of bars, karaoke, restaurants, shops, and theaters, all exuding the unique, extravagant flavor of Asian culture.

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Located in the heart of the city, Da’an District offers close proximity to the National Museum of History, the Chang Kaï-Chek Memorial and the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial. A plethora of shops line the streets of this central district, including clothing stores and famous brands. Make sure you visit Da’an Forest Park, a definite must-see in the area. The scenery features the majestic 508-meter high skyscraper named Taipei 101. Centrally located, Da’an District is an ideal place to stay in Taipei, allowing to visit the city’s main landmarks and highlights easily.

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Stay in Xinyi, Taipei

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To the east of the city, the outlying district of Xinyi is one of the more quieter, residential areas to stay in Taipei. You can go on a hike at Elephant Mountain – “Xiangshan” in Mandarin – from the metro station of the same name. This is where we resided during our stay in Taipei, and we strongly recommend it. Wander across the famous Songshan Night Market, and climb to the top of Taipei 101 skyscraper. Here again, you’ll find countless restaurants and the typical Taiwanese night markets – a local favorite – to delight your taste buds (our personal pick is the Raohe Night market). Another must-see in the area: the neighborhood of Wufenpu, a maze of streets lined with countless clothing shops, where you’re bound to satisfy your shopping desires!

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Centrally located, Zhongshan is a lively neighborhood, even boisterous in some areas. A great place to stay in Taipei, offering everything you need during your trip. Zhongshan is home to numerous temples, public parks, and many shops. It also features an array of great restaurants sure to delight all fine dining aficionados: local dumplings and ravioli (jiaozis and xiao long bao) are an absolute must-try. Situated close to the main station – Taipei Main Station – Zhongshan is a convenient place to stay in Taipei if you have a train to catch. And if you’re keen to venture outside the city, we also recommend a visit to Tamsui (via the red line of the MRT) to enjoy beautiful, quiet walks by the sea. Don’t miss Tamsui’s lighthouse and harbor!

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