The best area to stay in Tokyo

The best area to stay in Tokyo

Where to find accommodation during your stay in Tokyo ? District by district, here are the best places to stay in the Japanese capital!

Finding a neighborhood to stay in Tokyo, the sprawling capital of Japan, will not be easy because all areas of the Japanese capital can each be of particular interest.

The Japanese capital has 13.6 million inhabitants and its urban area has more than 42 million inhabitants, making it the largest city in the world. Its surface – 2188 km² – is almost three times bigger than the surface of New York City, and has 23 districts. In 2016, 24 million tourists visited Japan, a record number for the country. Finding accommodation in Tokyo for a foreign tourist – a gaijin in Japanese – will be expensive, the city is among the most expensive in the world. Here is a brief presentation of the districts of Tokyo.

Asakusa and Ryogoku, the “popular” and traditional Tokyo

Asakusa, best area to stay in Tokyo

Crédit photo: Flickr – sayot

Low houses, traditional “zen” gardens, cherry blossoms, giant pandas and temples characterize the district of Asakusa. Located to the north-east of the city, Asakusa and its adjacent neighborhoods – Ryogoku, Yanaka, Ueno – are often popular with tourists as there is a singular mix of modern districts adjoining areas of traditional culture. Very well served by public transport, these areas are easily accessible, effervescent during the day, but calm and relaxing in the evening, when temples and shops close their doors. Visit the famous Senso-ji Buddhist Temple, climb to the top of the Tokyo SkyTree and watch sumo wrestling in nearby Ryogoku.

In Ueno and Yanaka, we stroll in the quiet streets of a peaceful neighborhood, walks interspersed with visits to temples or poetic breaks in the large floral park of Ueno. If you are looking for a cheap, traditional, authentic and rather quiet neighborhood, book accommodation in Asakusa, Yanaka or Ueno.

Akihabara, the geek’s paradise

Akihabara, best area to stay in Tokyo

Crédit photo: Flickr – Nicolas Nova

This district is an open-air anthill, night and day. A rousing atmosphere that never sleeps, paradise of mangas, video games and industries at the forefront of electronics making the jewel of the Japanese economy, which will appeal to geeks and tourists connected. You will find yourself in a parallel world, for example to stay in capsule hotels, ideal for tourists on a modest budget. Restaurants, cafes, pastries lit the bright, electronic avenues. The price for housing will be much lower than in other parts of Tokyo, but the atmosphere can be noisy, even oppressive.

Marunouchi and Ginza, the luxurious Tokyo

Ginza, best area to stay in Tokyo

Crédit photo: Flickr – Richard Schneider

It is the economic and geographical heart of the capital. These two neightborwoods are home to the business district, the modern buildings, the Imperial Palace and many luxury shops. If you do not have a credit card limit for a refined shopping excursion, this place – one of the most expensive on the planet – should please you. The central station, not far, can be an argument of choice to stay in this district, however, the prices of the houses will be raised, especially on the side of Ginza: the chic district of Tokyo. The apartments, sometimes in height, offer a breathtaking view of the city. Who says better view, also says very salty invoice: the prestige, in Tokyo, is very expensive!

Shinjuku, Harajuku and Shibuya, tourist and dynamic areas

Where to stay in Tokyo ?

Crédit photo: Flickr – Candida.Performa

Shinjuku is now world famous for being the location of the movie Lost in Translation in 2001, including the Park Hyatt, where one night costs $ 500 … This is the business district where skyscrapers mix with unfortunate areas where a much less gilded youth is enchanted, especially towards the streets of Golden Gai and Kabukicho. More than 300,000 people live in this area where many international hotels open their doors: look no further where to stay in Tokyo if you want a lively and festive area, you are there. And in terms of housing, there is a wide range of prices.

On the Shibuya and Harajuku side, this is the haunt of cosplay fans, who play the role of manga characters and movies by dressing up their costumes. In Shibuya, you will surely recognize Takeshita Dori Street and the famous postcard crossroads where thousands of workers, onlookers and tourists wander between illuminated shopping malls. Ultra tourist district requires, housing prices are rather expensive.

Daikanyama, Ebisu and Nakameguro, peace and tranquility

Capsule-hotel, best area to stay in Tokyo

A bed in a capsule-hôtel in Tokyo – Photo credit: Flickr – JAPANKURU

Ebisu, Daikanyama and Nakameguro are a haven of peace and tranquility compared to its neighbor Shibuya. There are café terraces, trendy bars and chic boutiques. In this neighborhood, it’s like being in the West rather than East Asia. Many capsule hotels have emerged to allow pampered tourists to stay in Tokyo. Do not go there if you want a calm and relaxing atmosphere, you will live to the rhythm of the trendy Tokyoites, but it will in return, mobilize a relatively large budget to stay there.

Western Roppongi

Roppongi, best area to stay in Tokyo

Crédit photo: Flickr – yoppy

Located to the south of Akasaka and not far from Shiba Park, Roppongi is known to house Westerners who emigrate to Japan while maintaining their American or European way of life. The night life is lively, and the area has many cultural centers and many trendy bars and clubs. The apartments where to sleep can be very comfortable and very elegant, but without the luxury of Ginza: thus to envisage a relatively high budget for the international hotels, the malls and the shops. Take to the streets to visit the museums, discover the Japanese cinema and enjoy a drink on the terrace. If acculturation is too important for you, it is a good compromise, an island of the West in an ocean of Japanese culture.

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