The best area to stay in Turin

The best areas to stay in TurinSee the offers

Planning to visit piedmont for the holidays? You loved Milan, you’ll love Turin! Here’s where to stay in Turin!

The former capital of the influential states of Savoy, Sicily, Sardinia and Italy, Turin is in many ways the economic and cultural heart and soul of the Italian peninsula. The fourth largest city in Italy with 2.2 million inhabitants nestled in the foothills of the Alps, Turin is one of Italy’s must-see cities. Like in the rest of northern Italy, staying in Turin can be expensive but it will be cheaper than in Milan.

Divided into 23 districts, the city exudes all kinds of different atmospheres. Though Turin offers a wide array of accommodation option, our advice is to look for an apartment or a hotel room in the city center so as not to waste time on public transport. Here is a selection of the best neighborhoods to stay in Turin.

Il Centro: The Historic Centre

Centro, best area to stay in Turin

Photo credit: Flickr – raffaele sergi

The center of Turin is an architectural gem on its own. Turin features a total of 24 kilometers of arcade-lined streets, offering an ideal setting for urban walks in the cold alpine climate. The historic center is built on a portion of the banks of the Po and extends to the beginning of the Corso Francia – France Road -, the longest avenue in Europe (11.75 kilometers!). Filled with magnificent baroque buildings, this district has it all: the via Garibaldi – the longest pedestrian street in Europe – and the via Roma, packed with luxury shops, museums, quaint buildings and historical vestiges (such as the dome of the cathedral of St John the Baptist or the church of Saint Lawrence) to indulge in fascinating cultural walks.

On the side of Via Garibaldi and the Roman quadrilateral, enjoy the delights of Italian cuisine in the area’s array of small trendy cafés and restaurants. Don’t forget to order an authentic cup of Italian coffee or relish in an Italian-style ice cream on the terraces of the squares in downtown Turin: Piazza Palazzo Di Citta, Piazza San Carlo, and Piazza Castello. Finally, you’ll find a dozen shady parks and gardens to enjoy a refreshing stroll, away from the summer sun: the Giardini Reali Inferiori, the Palatine Gate, the Giardini dell’Anagrafe, the Giardini Alfredo Frassati and the Piazza Solferino. This bustling central area is a good place to stay in Turin, however, it is teeming with tourists.

Vanchiglia and Borgo Po

Borgo Po, best area to stay in Turin

Photo credit: Wikimedia – Takelotis

Walk down Via Po street, and continue across Vittorio Emanuele I bridge to explore the Borgo Po district, less urbanized because perched on the hill. You’ll find yourself surrounded by a very green and tranquil environment. In fact, the deeper you go into the neighborhood, the fewer people you’ll encounter and therefore the more relaxing the atmosphere will be. It’s a good idea to rent accommodation in this residential area if you want to stay in Turin in a green and quiet setting, away from the hustle and bustle of the city center.

San Salvario

San Salvario, best area to stay in Turin

Photo credit: Il Mio Luogo

Extending along the banks of the Po, the Parco del Valentino is a large park located in the district of San Salvario. Thanks to the recent revamp of its old industrial buildings, this neighborhood located near the city center is packed with an array of shops and cafes. Take the time to explore the museums of the district: the Museo di Anatomia Umana, the Museo di Antropologia Criminale, and the Museo Della Frutta. After a stroll in the medieval castle, pick one of the many bars and terraces to take a break. San Salvario is a great place to stay in Turin to enjoy the city while enjoying close proximity to green spaces: a natural setting in the heart of the city!

Main photo credit : Flickr – Julian Gonzales

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