The best area to stay in Valencia

The best areas to stay in ValenciaSee the offers

Are you planning a trip to the east coast of Spain anytime soon? Discover where to stay in Valencia!

Located on the eastern Mediterranean coast of the Iberian Peninsula, Valencia is the third largest city in Spain with 792,086 inhabitants (2017) and is home to over 1.8 million inhabitants in its urban area. Boasting a rich historical and cultural heritage, Valencia is famous for its festive atmosphere, its sunny weather all year round, and attracts many travelers and expatriates. In fact, finding accommodation here will be less complicated than choosing the neighborhood to stay in Valencia.

Spain’s third largest city consists of 19 districts and 87 quarters exuding a variety of atmospheres: Ciutat Vella, Eixample, Levante, Extramurs, Saïdia, Algiros, Benimaclet, Pobles del Nord, Pobles del Sud. In a city spread over 135 km², the accommodation offer is substantial. To help you decide, discover our selection of the best places to stay in Valencia.

Ciutat Vella, the heart of the city

Ciutat Vella, best area to stay in Valencia

Photo credit: Flickr – Henrique Ferreira

Ciutat Vella, the historic center, is a circular district comprising six quarters – El Carme, El Mercat, El Pilar, la Seu, la Xerea and Sant Francesc – between a Muslim wall to the east and a Christian wall on its western side. No, this is not Mostar in Bosnia, but Valencia’s city center, where the jolts of the past are still visible. Home to most of the city’s historical landmarks, the district is very frequented by the Valencian youth. Packed with many shops and boutiques that will satisfy your shopping needs, the area also features markets, restaurants, bars, and terraces to relax under a burning sun. Choose this district to stay in Valencia if you like festive, lively, or even trendy atmospheres. However, this district is easily swarming with tourists, and the streets are narrow: it’s better to walk than drive!

Eixample, the beautiful quarters

Eixample, best area to stay in Valencia

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Surrounded by the vast park of Passeig de l’Albereda – the green lung of the city center – Eixample is an excellent place to rent an apartment or a hotel room if you prefer to stay away from the tourist-filled districts. However, rents can be high: Eixample is home to Valencia’s most impressive quarters. The Mercado de Colón, the Palacio de la Música, the Valencian Arena, are some of the area’s must-sees. The proximity to the train station will be ideal if you have a train to catch. And don’t miss one of Valencia’s highlights: the City of Arts and Sciences, to the south-east of the district.

Benimaclet, a village in the city

Benimaclet, best area to stay in Valencia

Photo credit: Flickr – Antonio Marín Segovia

Don’t hesitate to book accommodation in Benimaclet if you are a tireless party-goer. To enjoy a trendy neighborhood atmosphere close to the center, universities, and beaches, Benimaclet is the place to go. The atmosphere here is cosmopolitan, festive and lively. Don’t miss the many tapas bars and paellas restaurants, both authentic Valencian specialties.


Malvarrosa, best area to stay in Valencia

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Few cities in Europe can boast of having their feet in the water, their heads in the sun, and warm temperatures all year round: Valencia combines all these advantages. Malvarrosa’s beach district offers an abundance of accommodation, from hotels to youth hostels and apartments for rent. Picturesque and trendy at the same time, the atmosphere is somewhat relaxed. Choose to sleep in this area if you like to party with your feet in the sand after visiting the city center, accessible by bus and metro.

Main photo credit : Flickr – Filippo Diotalevi

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