The best areas to stay in Yangon (Rangoon)

The best areas to stay in RangoonSee the offers

Are you traveling to Burma for the holidays? Excellent choice! We’ve selected the best areas to stay in Yangon (Rangoon)!

Officially named Rangoon until 1989, Yangon is Burma’s (Myanmar) economic capital and largest city. Located in Lower Burma, West of Thailand, 30 kilometers from the Andaman Sea, the city was built north of the convergence between the Yangon and Bago rivers. With an estimated population of 4,348,000, the city – and Burma as a whole – has been attracting more and more travelers since the ruling junta decided to re-open the country to the outside world. While Burma is one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia, Yangon is nevertheless well on the way of modernization. When looking for a place to stay in Yangon , the good news is that accommodation in Yangon will be rather cheap: youth hostels usually charge $20, while a room for two in a hotel is often priced at $40.

The city is subdivided into four districts, comprising a total of 32 townships. Little known to the general public, Burma offers a breathtaking historical, cultural, and architectural heritage. For this reason, it is increasingly becoming a must-see destination in Southeast Asia. Discover the best areas to stay in Yangon .

Kyauktada and Downtown

Not far from the banks of the Yangon River, downtown Yangon feels like an open-air museum. Home to many pagodas – Buddhist temples – as well as colonial buildings of the British Empire dating back to the 19th century, downtown Yangon seamlessly blends the old with the modern. Travelers often compare Burma to Cuba’s Havannato evoke the singularity of the streets of the city center. Wander through the streets of the city center to immerse yourself in the city’s atmosphere and experience the hospitality of the Burmese people. A great way to get acquainted with Burmese culture is to start by visiting the city’s most important temples: Schwedagon Pagoda pictured above overlooking the city, it is an impressive gilded stupa, and Burma’s first religious center – as well as Sule Pagoda, not far from the extravagant City Hall (also worth a visit).

A stroll through Yangon would be incomplete without exploring the local markets. Offering an array of fruits, vegetables, fabrics, and local handicrafts, Yangon fragrant markets are an excellent place to delight your taste buds with delicious local flavors. In every neighborhood, the market is a good “barometer” of local social life. And in this area sheltered from mass tourism, you will be surrounded with smiles! Don’t miss the market on 26th Street or the one in Bogyoke to taste Burmese cuisine or purchase souvenirs. In true Asian fashion, the streets are packed with cheap restaurants and inexpensive street food. The city center is an excellent place to stay in Yangon if you want to experience the bustling touristic heart of the Burmese capital.

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Around Bogyoke Park

Here’s another convenient place to stay in Yangon : along Yangon River, close to Bogyoke Park. The area features quite many nightlife spots including nightclubs, pubs, and street bars serving cheap local beer. Surrounded by Kandawgyi Lake – literally “great royal lake” – Bogyoke Park offers a calm, lush green setting where you can enjoy the terraced docks while sipping on a cold drink and re-hydrating yourself in the blazing heat. Home to a myriad of plant species and orchids, the park is a pleasant place to stroll. It exudes a tranquil atmosphere: a rare find in most Asian cities. If you are looking for a peaceful area to stay in Yangon , look no further.

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