The best area to stay in Zadar

The best areas to stay in ZadarSee the offers

Are you heading for the Croatian coast for the holidays? Find out where to stay in Zadar!

Located in the north of Dalmatian region, on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, the city of Zadar is one of Croatia’s gems. It is also a crossing point on the Balkan route between Italy and Dubrovnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. With 72,718 inhabitants, Zadar is a small, peaceful city enjoying an ideal Mediterranean climate with sunshine all year round. Coves, turquoise waters, baroque palaces, Mediterranean and Balkan cuisine: Zadar has much to offer its visitors. The relatively low cost of living in Croatia will delight more than one: it is much lower than in the UK, although accommodation to stay in Zadar can be expensive.

The city has been besieged countless times by empires since its foundation in 900 BC: the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Venetian Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the Croatian Kingdom, Austria and Italy, the Yugoslav Republic. The city’s long and tumultuous history has brought with it a rich heritage, embodied by a myriad of historic buildings with multiple influences. Here are some of the best places to stay in Zadar.


Old centre, best area to stay in Zadar

Photo credit: Flickr – Mario Fajt

The historic quarter of the city located on a protected peninsula, the city center is the beating heart of Zadar, bustling with shopping and tourist-related activity. Zadar is much less frequented than Dubrovnik and Split. In fact, the streets of city centre exude a much more authentic and peaceful atmosphere. You can easily visit the city centre on foot and discover its numerous landmarks including the Church of St. Donatus – the most famous of Zadar -, the ruins of the Roman Forum, St. Mary’s Church, Saint Anastasia’s Cathedral, the People’s Square, the 5 Wells Square, and the Sea Organ.

The colourful narrow streets of the old centre are reminiscent of a typically Italian scenery, and for good reason: Zadar was once administered by the Republic of Venice, which influenced its architecture. The area around Varoška ulica street houses an array of small cafes, bars, terraces and well-established restaurants which often offer a nice view of the sea, the surrounding islands, and breathtaking sunsets. Feel free to jump into the water from the pier to cool off. The city centre is without a doubt the best place to stay in Zadar.

Outside the city centre

Port, best area to stay in Zadar

Photo credit: Flickr – Tim Ertl

To the south of the peninsula, the harbour is a convenient area to stay in Zadar. From there, you can easily board a ferry the next day and travel around the archipelago of Zadar, for example in Ošljak Island. You will also find the bus and railway station of Zadar, surrounded by guesthouses and hotels. Enjoy an unforgettable stay in Zadar!

Main photo credit : Flickr – Julien

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