The best areas to stay in Zaragoza

The best areas to stay in ZaragozaSee the offers

Are you going to visit Aragon in Spain? Discover our selection of the best districts to stay in Zaragoza!

Capital of the Spanish autonomous province of Aragon, Zaragoza is the fifth largest city in Spain by population, with 664,953 inhabitants (2015). With its hot and dry Mediterranean climate and rich historical, cultural, and architectural heritage, the city bordering the Ebro River – equidistant between Madrid and Barcelona – has more reasons than one to be visited. With more than 2000 years of history, it is an open-air museum that reveals itself to the haggard eyes of visitors, where Romans, Muslims, Jews, and Christians have carved their successive footprints in marble. Between the Roman circus; the Aljafería palace; the Mudéjar style churches – listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site; historic buildings in the Baroque style such as the Basilica of the Pilar or the heritage of Francisco de Goya’s work; the nightlife and its culinary heritage; anyone visiting Zaragoza will enjoy an unforgettable show.

Finding accommodation in Zaragoza will be easy because the city offers a wide variety of accommodation options: youth hostels, hotels, private apartments, shared accommodation, camping… To help you prepare for your trip, we’ve selected some of the best areas to stay in Zaragoza.

El Tubo

Stay in  El Tubo, Zaragoza

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Located in the heart of Zaragoza’s historic center, the Tubo district is a very popular and trendy area, favored for the quality of its tapas and its nightlife. Many bars and restaurants dot the narrow streets of this district, surrounded by other historical monuments and interesting museums: the Goya Museum, the Caesaraugusta Roman Theatre Museum, the Pilar Tower, the San Gil Abad Church, etc. On the banks of the Ebro, do not miss the Basilica Nuestra Señora del Pilar, the main religious building in Zaragoza: offering a breathtaking view of the city. If you like lively, festive and artistic areas, this is the place to go to stay in Zaragoza: it is the most dynamic and lively district.

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The Almozara

This district northwest of the city center is mainly used to visit the Aljaferia Palace, built by the Moorish Banu Hud dynasty in the 11th century. Like the Alhambra of Granada, it bears witness to the power of the Caliphate of Córdoba and the Taifa era. The Palace currently houses the Parliament of Aragon. The banks of the Ebro, surrounded by greenery and sports complexes, offer beautiful walks or a chance to unwind before returning to your accommodation.

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Stay in Centro, Zaragoza

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Characterized by its wide boulevards and elegant boutiques, Zaragoza’s epicenter is located on Gran Via Avenue, near Aragon Square. As far as the eye can see, there are shops, restaurants, bars, churches and magnificent parks to stroll in, such as Parque Miraflores and Parque Pignatelli. To the south, enjoy a stroll at Parque Grande José Antonio Labordeta, the city’s largest green space, located in the Romareda district. It is a bit like the new city, an ideal area to stay in Zaragoza for shopping replete with all the modern facilities.

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Las Fuentes

Stay in Las Fuentes, Zaragoza

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Located east of the city center, Las Fuentes is a district that offers both the possibility of staying in Zaragoza near the city center, while taking advantage of open space to the east, which is less populated and feels more like the countryside. Take advantage of a visit to this district to refresh yourself in the private swimming pool at Stadium La Fuentes, a sports complex where you can enjoy spending hot summer days. Las Fuentes is definitely a great place to stay in Zaragoza.

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