The 10 Most Amazing Modena Restaurants


It isn’t only the beauty of Modena that has people visiting it from around the world, but it is also the restaurants that have captivated tourists and locals alike. Modena restaurants are where you can eat authentic Italian food that is prepared with quality and taste in mind, and it shows.

Modena is near to Bologna making it an easy destination for anyone to get to for a culinary vacation. It is a place where you can not only enjoy Italian culture but delight in all the many restaurants to be found there.

For a restaurant to deserve the title of a top restaurant, it should consist of great service, highly delicious dishes, and a charming atmosphere. The restaurants below are restaurants that meet expectations and deliver. While each one is different and some are top gourmet restaurants and others offer simple yet delightful dishes, each one can boast of quality and delivers on flavor.

Modena is full of places to eat even if it is a small city, but to help you make a quick decision, these are the top favorites:

The 10 Most Amazing Modena Restaurants

1. Osteria Francescana

Whether you saw it on the show Chef’s Table or you have heard of its amazing dishes that deserved a Michelin star, Osteria Francescana is a famous restaurant in Modena that deserves all the attention that it garners. It’s the kind of restaurant that boasts of gourmet dishes with ingredients like caviar, lobster, and black truffle. While the dishes may be considered simple without the kind of flamboyance that can be found in other Michelin star restaurants, the food has all the flavor you would expect from a top restaurant.

It truly is an incredible restaurant that you must visit. While dishes may be considered pricey, they are undoubtedly worth the extra cost. Some even consider the Osteria Francescana as one of the best restaurants in the world so taking this into consideration, you may want to make this restaurant a priority for your trip.

Osteria Francescana, Modena
Osteria Francescana, Most Amazing Modena Restaurants by Osteria Francescana

2. Bar Schiavoni

A fabulous place to visit when in Modena is this small yet charming sandwich shop: Bar Schiavoni. It’s a place that will make a U.S sandwich shop jealous.

Every sandwich has a combination of toppings and ingredients that blend perfectly to create a mouth-watering result: a sandwich that you will want to eat again and again. Just be aware that because these sandwiches are THAT delectable, there will be a line of people waiting to fill up on some of Italy’s best “fast-food.”

If you are very hungry, be prepared to order a couple of sandwiches, as sandwiches are a different size in Italy than they are in other places. This is a good thing, as you get to try more than one type and at Bar Shiavoni, every sandwich is worth taking a bite of.

Bar Schiavoni, Modena
Bar Schiavoni, Most Amazing Modena Restaurants by Bar Schiavoni

3. Erasmo

You will most likely want to eat Italian pizza while in Italy and we agree that you should. While you can enjoy a great pizza at nearly every restaurant in Modena, one of the best pizzerias is Erasmo.

There isn’t much else to say except that the pizza at Erasmo is as delicious as you can imagine, the service is top, and the restaurant is delightful. If what you want is a “good Italian pizza” you need not look further than Erasmo.

Erasmo, Modena, Italy
Erasmo, Most Amazing Modena Restaurants, Italy by Erasmo

4. La Franceschetta

For authentic Italian cuisine that is incredibly delectable, La Franceschetta is the place for you. From the tortellini to the pork riblets, every dish on the menu promises to be satisfying. It’s a gourmet restaurant where dishes are expertly prepared and where the talent of chef Marta Pulini shines through.

Pair your meal with a delightful Italian wine and you will live a remarkable cuisine experience when you visit La Franceschetta. If this is anything to pay attention to, Massimo Bottura, the genius behind the Francescana restaurant that Modena is so proud of has an influence on Franceschetta, making it a good idea to visit when you want to try something new.

La Franceschetta, Modena, Italy
La Franceschetta, Most Amazing Modena Restaurants, Italy by La Franceschetta

5. Hosteria Giusti

It may not be as well-known as some other highly-recognized Modena restaurants but it is an exquisite place with dishes that will make your mouth water and provide you with a true Italian cuisine experience.

From the gnocchi to the minestrone, every dish in Hosteria Giusti is prepared exactly as it should be and will not disappoint.

Hosteria Giusti, Modena, Italy
Hosteria Giusti, Most Amazing Modena Restaurants, Italy by

6. Da Danilo

While it may be a little difficult to find and you should probably make a reservation in advance, Da Danilo is the type of restaurant that is cozy, relaxing, and where you can rest assured that you will eat great food. If what you want is a scrumptious Italian pasta, this is the place to go.

Da Danilo - Modena, Italy
Da Danilo, Most Amazing Modena Restaurants, Italy by

7. Ristorante Enzo

Yet another restaurant for delightful Italian cuisine, Ristorante Enzo doesn’t disappoint with its dishes. While it may not be as famous as La Franceschetta, it has its own charm and the food tastes great. From tortellini to great-tasting meat dishes, you can choose from a variety of authentic Italian dishes that will satisfy your craving.

Ristorante Enzo, Modena, Italy
Ristorante Enzo, Most Amazing Modena Restaurants, Italy by Ristorante Da Enzo

8. Trattoria II Fantino

An ideal place to go to when you want to eat a satisfying lunch while in Modena, Trattoria II Fantino is one of the best places for homemade cooking that will delight your taste buds and provide you with an incredible Italian dining experience. It is a small restaurant which fills up quickly, so make sure to make a reservation in advance.

Trattoria II Fantino isn’t as “snobby” as other restaurants in the area so if you are looking for a more relaxed experience while still dining on traditional Italian cuisine, it is a good option.

Trattoria II Fantino, Modena, Italy
Trattoria II Fantino, Most Amazing Modena Restaurants, Italy by Trattoria II Fantino

9. Archer

Though more of a place to get drinks, it is the best place in Modena for people who have a plan of drinks and “aperitif.” Top wines to choose from, excellent service, and tasty food.

While you shouldn’t visit when you are in the mood for a large pasta, if you want to eat great “tapas” and enjoy delicious cocktails and wine with friends, this is the place for you.

Archer, Modena, Italy
Archer, Most Amazing Modena Restaurants, Italy by Archer

10. Aldina

This is an easy place to get to if you are exploring the area around the Duomo in Modena and offers affordable dishes for those who are looking for incredible meals on a budget. It’s the ideal place to eat at when you want traditional Italian cuisine in a non-pretentious environment.

Whether you want to try tasty sandwiches unlike anything else that you have ever tried in your lifetime or you would love to have an amazing meal at a Michelin star restaurant, you can be certain that the best Modena restaurants will all provide you with quality food.

Every restaurant on this list is well-known for serving tasty meals so no matter which one you choose for a special meal, you can trust that you will be eating at one of the best restaurants in Modena, and possibly in Italy. In fact, a couple of the restaurants here are considered to be some of the best in the world.

Aldina, Modena, Italy
Aldina, Most Amazing Modena Restaurants, Italy by Aldina

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