Tokyo: Combining Ancient Serenity and Modern Energy

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Tokyo combines ancient serenity and modern energy into a massive and diverse city, with many stunning things you’ll want to photograph. Here are our favorite places to take pictures in Tokyo.

The capital of Japan is located on Honshu, the largest of the Japanese islands. Its modern style is a result of extensive renovation and development after World War II and the devastating earthquake of 1923, but it’s clear that Tokyo has emerged stronger and more vibrant. You’ll find a great combination of historic sites and ancient temples as well as modern shopping centers and magnificent skyscrapers.

With a photographer from Localgrapher, you can rest assured that the unique energy of Tokyo is preserved for you to remember in your vacation photos. To get you thinking about Tokyo, here are some of the top sites and best places to visit for photographers in Tokyo.

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Imperial Palace

Take pictures of the Imperial Palace, Tokyo

One of Tokyo’s primary attractions, the Imperial Palace was built during the 17th century and has become an important icon. Make sure you visit Nijubashi Bridge, which has been nicknamed the “double bridge” because of how its reflection in the water lines up with structure and forms a beautiful and ephemeral “double bridge”. It’s a beautiful place to take some photographs to capture the beauty of Tokyo, and if you have a local photographer, they can give you suggestions about how to pose for the pictures. The palace and its surroundings are the epitome of understated simplicity and refined elegance and they make for great backdrops for portraits.

Ueno Park and Zoo

Get pictures of Ueno Park, Tokyo

Escape from the rush and traffic of the city and enjoy an afternoon in the beautiful Ueno Park. If you visit Tokyo during the spring, you can enjoy the spectacular cherry blossoms, and in the fall the park is known for its stunning colors. The park covers over 200 acres, and there are numerous attractions such as a small boating pond, and some historic temples that are good places to take photos. Included in these is the Toshogu Shrine which was built in the 17th century and is known for its elegant bronze lanterns, numbering over 250 in total. And don’t forget the Ueno zoo! Between its iconic giant pandas and adorable red pandas, it has many of the world’s most photogenic animals, including polar bears that enjoy a large enclosure with a pool for the otherwise impossible to get action shots!

Tokyo Skytree

Get pictures of or from the Tokyo Skytree

The most recognizable skyscrapper on the Tokyo skyline, the Tokyo Skytree is the perfect place to consider finding a photographer for hire in Tokyo. You’ll get a great view of the city if you have clear weather, and sunset is quite nice as well but we think the Skytree is at its best at night with the lights of the city in the background, making it the perfect setting for a photo shoot in Tokyo. As long as you’re not afraid of heights, you can ride up to the observation deck with panoramic views of the city of Tokyo spread out below. If you feel particularly daring, you can venture out on the glass floors for a truly dizzying sight.

Ginza District

Get pictures of Ginza, Tokyo

If you’re hoping to shop, the Ginza District is the place to go. You can find anything you could imagine, and simultaneously enjoy being in one of the most important historic areas of the city. The Ginza District has been the economic heart of Tokyo for centuries, and includes local cafés, restaurants, and upscale boutiques with international as well as local products. For a truly special experience, visit during the evening when the area is lit up by the large advertising boards and street performers come to put on traditional shows.

If you want to have a cultural experience combined with an exciting modern scene while traveling, Tokyo is the place to go. You can enjoy trying local cuisine, exploring the markets for souvenirs, and visiting the various historic landmarks. Tokyo is a picture-perfect city and an amazing place to plan a vacation photo shoot with style and meaning to preserve the best memories from this amazing exotic adventure.

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