Top 130 Châteaux and Castles in the Czech Republic


There are so many amazing Châteaux and Castles in the Czech Republic that you will definitely feel like being in some wonderland. The Czech Republic is a country filled with fairy tale castles, châteaux, and palaces. The majority of them are well-maintained and, moreover, they are usually surrounded by forests or amazing gardens, fountains as well as sculptures.

Some of them serve as museums, or as great places for a wedding ceremony, while others offer accommodation, great food, golf course and more. Here I prepared a list of the Top Châteaux and Castles in the Czech Republic you should visit. I know it is a long list, but they all are really amazing!

Most beautiful Châteaux and Castles in the Czech Republic

1. Castle Hluboká nad Vltavou

There is probably no better place to start with than Castle Hluboká. This fairy tale castle is situated in the southern part of the country and is amazingly beautiful not only from outside but also its interiors worth a visit. It is surrounded by a large park so you can easily spend here a whole day.

Castle Hluboká is also a great place for your wedding. This national cultural monument is open all year round except Mondays and the family ticket costs 400,-Kč (around 15,-EUR).

Castle Hluboká, Châteaux and Castles in the Czech Republic
Castle Hluboká by Julius

2. Karlštejn Castle

Who wouldn’t know this great castle surrounded by great forests? Karlštejn Castle is a must visit place among all Prague visitors as it is just 30 kilometres from the Czech capital.

The best way on how to get there is by train and once there, try to get to the castle via different (not usual) way with a great viewpoint of the castle. Ask for the info at the local information centre.

Karlštejn Castle, Châteaux and Castles in the Czech Republic
Karlštejn Castle by Julius

3. Lednice Chateau

Lednice Chateau is a Czech version of Palace of Versailles and is surrounded by the largest English park in the country featured with large pond, greenhouses or unique 62 meters tall minaret. The complex is a part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1996.

Lednice Chateau, Châteaux and Castles in the Czech Republic
Lednice Chateau by Julius

4. Valtice Chateau

Only 8 kilometres from Lednice Chateau you have to visit another beautiful palace from 12th century, Valtice Chateau. They both form a complex which is inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List as Lednice–Valtice Cultural Landscape.

Valtice Chateau, Châteaux and Castles in the Czech Republic
Valtice Chateau by Lehotsky

5. Prague Castle

The first time visitors to the Czech Republic usually go to its capital city, Prague. And all of them then climb up to the Prague castle which makes it the most visited attraction in the country at all. It is one of the largest castle complexes in the world and is open all year round. From here you can also enjoy some of the best views of Prague.

Prague Castle - night, Châteaux and Castles in the Czech Republic
Prague Castle – night by Julius

6. Český Krumlov Castle

Český Krumlov Castle is right after Prague castle the 2nd most visited castle in the country. It is another UNESCO Site in the Czech Republic and is towering on the hill above the romantic and beautiful town of Český Krumlov.

Cesky Krumlov Town and Castle, Châteaux and Castles in the Czech Republic
Cesky Krumlov Town and Castle by Julius

7. Sychrov Castle

Gothic Sychrov Castle served as the residence of the French family of Rohan and has been a place of several Czech fairy-tales movies so far. Now you can go on day or nighttime tours, see exciting falconry displays or concerts. The castle became popular for the Scottish games that take place here every year in August.

Sychrov Castle, Châteaux and Castles in the Czech Republic
Sychrov Castle by Miloslav Rejha

8. Chateau Dobříš

Chateau Dobříš is another nice Chateau with a large French garden, fountain, and sculptures. Adjacent to this castle is even larger English garden with a pond which attracts lots of visitors for pleasant walks and relax in the shadows of the trees.

Chateau Dobris, Châteaux and Castles in the Czech Republic
Chateau Dobříš by Julius

9. Chateau Loučeň

Chateau Loučeň is a unique castle not only in the Czech Republic but also in Europe. Its gardens are home to the first Labyrintarium in the country and the only one in Europe. Children will surely be happy once you take them here. The weddings, castle tours and relaxing are just a few more things you can do here.

Chateau Loucen, Châteaux and Castles in the Czech Republic
Chateau Loučeň by Julius

10. Mníšek Pod Brdy Chateau

A very nice place full of peace and tranquillity can be found in Mníšek Pod Brdy, a small town south of Prague. Mníšek pod Brdy Chateau was built in the 14th century and boasts nice garden with fountain. You can visit its halls and rooms as well as the nice courtyard.

Mníšek pod Brdy Chateau, Châteaux and Castles in the Czech Republic
Mníšek pod Brdy Chateau by Julius

11. Bouzov Castle

Bouzov Castle is a popular tourist destination and offers costumed as well as evening tours through its rooms which are fully furnished and equipped. It was built in the 14th century and its most valuable part is a neo-Gothic chapel and Gothic altar.

Bouzov Castle, Châteaux and Castles in the Czech Republic
Bouzov Castle by Bjalek Michal

12. Hořovice Chateau

Tour of the Hořovice Chateau can be enjoyed together with a pleasant walk along the park featuring several sculptures made by Matthias Braun. The Chateau was built in the 17th century and once you make your first step into the garden you will be transferred back to this century!

Horovice Chateau, Châteaux and Castles in the Czech Republic
Hořovice Chateau by Julius

13. Štiřín Chateau

If you are looking for some golf course nestled in the beautiful castle garden then Štiřín Chateau would be the best place to go. Located just a few kilometres from Prague borders it can be a great day trip to go from Czech capital.

Stirin Chateau, Châteaux and Castles in the Czech Republic
Štiřín Chateau by Julius

14. Veltrusy Chateau

This Baroque chateau was built in the 18th century and later rebuilt in Classicist style. Veltrusy Chateau features nice garden and large park with romantic buildings. During your visit, you can see a number of animals in the park such as deer and others.

Veltrusy Chateau, Châteaux and Castles in the Czech Republic
Veltrusy Chateau by Julius

15. Lány Chateau

If you want to see how official summer residence of the Czech presidents looks like, then you must visit Lány Chateau. This Baroque chateau can be found in the village Lány not far from Prague and is closed to the public. You can, however, visit the large park with pond and fountain as well as the old greenhouse.

Lany Chateau, Châteaux and Castles in the Czech Republic
Lány Chateau by Julius

16. Pernštejn Castle

Pernštejn Castle is one of the most beautiful castles in the country and is proudly also one of the most visited attractions in the area. It is said that this castle which was founded in the 13th century has never been conquered.

Pernštejn Castle, Châteaux and Castles in the Czech Republic
Pernštejn Castle by Akil

17. Kroměříž Archbishop’s Palace

Kroměříž Archbishop’s Palace served as a summer residence of the Archbishops of Olomouc in the past. This UNESCO Site is located in the picturesque town of Kroměříž and boasts gallery and an extensive library.

Its halls are regarded as one of the most beautiful Rococo interiors in the Czech Republic and were used as a setting for Milos Forman’s movie Amadeus. Adjacent to the palace is an amazing and large garden with a mini zoo.

Kromeriz Chateau, Châteaux and Castles in the Czech Republic
Kroměříž Archbishop’s Palace by Julius

18. Křivoklát Castle

Křivoklát Castle is a representative seat of the Czech kings and one of the most important and oldest royal castles in the Czech Republic. It contains many valuable late Gothic rooms, of which the most important one is the chapel with a painted altar. Its amazing library contains more than 50,000 books and documents and you can also visit the torture chamber and prison.

Křivoklát Castle, Châteaux and Castles in the Czech Republic
Křivoklát Castle by Julius

19. Rožmberk Castle

Rožmberk Castle dates from the 13th century and is one of the main sights along the Vltava river, which is very popular among rafters. Several prominent Czech noble families owned this castle throughout centuries and now you can learn about their lives in the castle museum.

Rožmberg Castle, Châteaux and Castles in the Czech Republic
Rožmberg Castle by Julius

20. Troja Chateau, Prague

While Prague Castle is the most visited attraction in the country, the second most visited attraction is Prague ZOO. And right next to the zoo’s main entrance, you can find Troja Chateau. It is often overlooked due to this fact but you really shouldn’t miss this Baroque palace and its gardens. Once here, reserve half an hour for exploring this zoo’s neighbour.

Troja Chateau, Prague, Châteaux and Castles in the Czech Republic
Troja Chateau, Prague by Julius

21. Brandýs nad Labem Chateau

Brandýs nad Labem is a small town north of Prague but has a very nice Chateau in its centre. Brandýs nad Labem Chateau was the favourite residence of the Habsburg rulers. It is an important Renaissance monument with preserved graffito decorations now open to the public as a museum.

Brandýs nad Labem Chateau, Châteaux and Castles in the Czech Republic
Brandýs nad Labem Chateau by Zdeněk Fiedler

22. Liblice Chateau

Liblice Chateau is a Baroque chateau built between 1699 and 1706. Recently renovated chateau is now a luxury 4-star hotel with renowned restaurant and first class conference hall. Its gardens are open to the public for free and the chateau tours are available every Sunday only.

Liblice Chateau, Châteaux and Castles in the Czech Republic
Liblice Chateau by Blanka Zubíková

23. Průhonice Chateau

Průhonice Chateau is a nice place to visit if you are in Prague, as it is just 3 kilometres from Prague borders and you can get here by a regular public transport system (take a bus from Opatov metro station). The castle boasts a large park with the botanical garden, nice lake, and even some waterfalls.

Průhonice Chateau, Châteaux and Castles in the Czech Republic
Průhonice Chateau by Julius

Here you can learn more about Průhonice Chateau and its large park.

24. Dub u Prachatic Chateau

The former keep from the 15th century was later rebuilt into a late Renaissance chateau and gained neo-Gothic additions in the 19th century. It belonged to many families and also served as a school hostel. Dub u Prachatic Chateau is now in private hands and you can visit its gardens and interior every day all year round. Or you can take a part in events such as concerts, gazebos, competitions or various exhibitions that are regularly held here. Or do you plan weddings? You are welcomed as well!

Dub u Prachatic Chateau, Châteaux and Castles in the Czech Republic
Dub u Prachatic Chateau by Krabat77

25. Dětenice Château

Dětenice village is known in the country thanks to its medieval adventure restaurant but it is also home to Dětenice Château. It is quite a large complex and includes brewery with a medieval tavern, hotel Rustikal and stables, which is currently a home to 45 horses.

Dětenice Château, Châteaux and Castles in the Czech Republic
Dětenice Château by Matěj Baťha

Don’t worry, it’s not the end!
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  1. Nice post. I learn something totally new and challenging on blogs
    I stumbleupon on a daily basis. It’s always exciting to read content from other writers and practice something from their web sites.

  2. Hi Julius,
    excellent web site! I also recommend chateau Velke Losiny, it is a great chateau with an interesting history!

  3. I would also sugest castle Žerotin in Novy Jičin, castle Žerotin in Valašske Meziriči, burg Štramberk, burg Cimburk, burg Slezskoostravian in Ostrava (or burg is not in this topic?). I have visited all of this suggested.
    Greetings from Croatia!

  4. Hi Julius!
    There are castles in Malenovice, Zlin, Chropyne and Napajedla.
    I was in Czech Republic last year and want to go again. This website is a good place to prepare for my next visit.

    • Julius

      Amazing! How many of them are still missing here on the list? 🙂 I will add all of them and I found another one – Lešná chateau. 🙂

    • Julius

      Hi Valentin, I have just added all the castles that you noted. Thank you, they are really amazing! 🙂

  5. Good job!! I dont speak English, so send only links from my region:

    Jablonné v Podještědí – Nový Falkenburk

    Ústí nad labem – Střekov (splendid, but damage that industrial city,
    castle ruins, partially repaired)

    Baltce – Hrad Houska (gateway to hell)

    Sloup v Čechách – Sloup

    Benešov nad Ploučnicí

    adding from Moravia, very special:
    Plumlov – Plumlov

    • Julius

      Thank you, Jana. They all are wonderful and will be added on the list soon! A fairy-tale country!

    • Julius

      Hi Jana, I have just added all the castles you mentioned here! Thank you for the tips they are really great!

  6. Landštejn

    • Julius

      Great tip, Petr, thank you! So I have just added Landštejn castle here as well! Amazing list!

  7. What an impressive list! However, I think that these castles from Eastern Bohemia also deserve their spot on the list:
    – Kostelec nad Orlicí (
    – Náchod (
    – Nové Město nad Metují (

    • Julius

      Thank you, Tomas, for your comment, I have just added all 3 castles onto the list. 🙂 They are really very nice! Anyone still missing? 🙂

  8. What a richness in such small country in the heart of Europe

    • Julius

      Agreed! That’s really unique! Seems to be really a smart nation!

  9. Julius, thank you for this list.
    I am from Doudleby nad Orlici and was born in Rychnov nad Kneznou. I now live in Chicago.
    This is an awesome list. My 12 year old son loves castles and I am very much looking forward to exploring many of these with him. Your list is a great resource.


    • Julius Szabo

      Petr, I am happy that you liked it. I was living 8 years in Prague and always wanted to create such list because all the Czech castles are really amazing! Your son will love them!

  10. Hi Julius check this page for more inspiration .-) Cheers Dali (PS your web is wonderful)

    • Julius Szabo

      Thank you, Dali, Czechia is really a country of castles!

  11. I recommend the Silesian-Ostrava Castle . Located in the heart of the industrial city of Ostrava.

    • Julius Szabo

      Thank you, Hanka, do you have some great picture of that Silesian-Ostrava Castle which I could use here in this post?

  12. Lipnice nad Sázavou is missing ! Otherwise nice list 🙂

    • Julius Szabo

      Thank you Lucie, very nice castle! Will be added onto the list! 🙂

    • Julius Szabo

      Has been just added! 🙂


    • Julius Szabo

      Another great wedding venue 🙂 Thank you for commenting, Tony!

  14. Chybí zámek Žirovnice jinak super seznam

  15. Hi this list is great, but not complete in middle moravian region. For example watch this list

    • Julius Szabo

      Hm, these are really very nice, so I think the list needs some update 🙂

    • Julius Szabo

      I added some more castles from this list! However not all of them so far (will do it later!)

  16. wow!! it’s like really wow!!! i’ve never seen castles as beautiful as these, never knew that there are more and a lot to see in Czech Republic.. truly inspiring!!!

    • Julius Szabo

      There is much more to explore in the Czech Republic than the castles! 🙂

  17. Wow! What a great list. I absolutely love European castles. I went to Prague Castle for the first time last year. Next time, I need to check out more around the rest of the country.

    • Julius Szabo

      Yes, the Prague Castle is really beautiful, but there are more even more beautiful in the Czech Republic!

  18. Great article 🙂 I couldn’t see the Buchlov castle on the list. It is close to the Buchlovice chateau and definitely worth visiting 🙂

  19. Julius Szabo

    Thanks, Jitka, they are all nice. I will add them here as well. 🙂

  20. That’s definitely the most castles I’ve seen in one article! I’ve only been to Prague, need to get back to the Czech Republic!

  21. Hi I love those castles, There is one more in our town 🙂 Velke Mezirici

    • Julius Szabo

      I am starting to believe that this list will never be complete! Not for this country! 🙂 Amazing how many great castles are there! I will add this castle here as well! Thanks, Katy!

  22. Wow I had no idea there were so many beautiful castles and chateaux’s in Czech Republic! Amazing thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Julius Szabo

      Neither I. 🙂 I started this list in hope that there are just 30 or few more… But the more I was doing research the more castles I found. 🙂

  23. Um wow! What a list 🙂 I love castles & have only been to Prague in Czech Republic but look forward to seeing more 🙂
    Simone x | the Aussie Flashpacker

  24. Oh my! Who would’ve think? Is a lifetime enough for all these? 2,3,13,27 were my picks but then I stopped counting ? Thank You!

  25. What about Divci Kamen in South Bohemia, near to Cesky Krumlov.

    • Julius Szabo

      Thanks Souzi, will add this one as well. I can remember this castle very well from our rafting experience on Vltava river some 7 years ago. Just below the castle is the last camping that we missed on our way. There we were supposed to meet with our friends who were in front. But friends were not waiting for us there at the river as agreed and were already preparing tents for night. We thought there is another camping nearby so we floated further. But it wasn’t!

      It was already evening and we couldn’t return back with our canoe because of strong river flow. I tried to pull canoe back upriver but it was impossible. And no phone signal… and the nature looked so wild all around. And it was getting dark! 🙂 So we had to continue further, paddling really fast. We didn’t even know how far is next camping. Scared and out of energy we finally get to the camping in Boršov. We came already in the dark and our friends came next day. 🙂 It was our first rafting experience ever and one of the most adventurous one. 🙂 I will never forget it, nor that castle above. You just reminded me this story that happened long ago. 🙂

  26. Thanks, you are making a beautiful thing!!!

    • Julius Szabo

      Thanks Kajka, I just like it 🙂 I always wanted to have such a great list in my hands when I was living in Prague. With this I would visit much more castles and chateaux around. Next time I’ll have it 🙂

  27.….I try to find some nice foto for you, it’s just 10 km from me… Kuneticka Hora is very special for Czechs, we said that on 30th of April every witch goes there to meet others, in this special day where everywhere witches are burnt (an old Czech tradition of Celtic origin).
    Trosky with its two parts called Baba and Panna (Old woman and Virgin) – Panna (Virgin) is more complete, it wasn’t conquer by Hussites while Baba yes.
    Pecka is small, not so know but also pretty

    • Julius Szabo

      Hi Kajka, all of these were finally added onto this list. 🙂

    • I wondered where my Czech mother in law went in late April.

  28. I miss Chlumec nad Cidlinou chateaux, the ruins of Trosky, castles of Pecka and Kunĕtická Hora…

    • Julius Szabo

      Hi Kajka, I’ve been to Trosky and have this one already on “waiting” list but never heard of other castles you mentioned, but they all look fabulous and will appear here shortly! 🙂 Thanks for your tips!

      • Julius, Kunětická Hora is lovely, it sticks out from plain on a piece of rock – feel free to contact me I have some superb shots if you like.

  29. Hrubá Skála

    • Julius Szabo

      Hi Ziz, I will add Hrubá Skála as well, I’ve been there back in 2008. Amazing place with great surroundings! Don’t understand why this one is missing on the list… 🙂

      • Cool, and thank you for putting all these together… Now it serves as my travel list 🙂

  30. Hi there, nice work 🙂 please add castle Špilberk 🙂

    • Julius Szabo

      Hi Pavle, Špilberk is already there! #39 🙂

  31. Another one I’ve just thought of is Zamek Trebon. Notable if for nothing else other than the elaborate Schwarzenberg Tomb

    • Julius Szabo

      Sure, it’s already on the waiting list along with other 9 chateaux and castles 🙂 That’s really amazing country, seems like never-ending list! 🙂

  32. Kasperk Castle (Sumava)
    Velhartice (Sumava)
    Trosky (if not mentioned yet)

    • Julius Szabo

      None of these are on the list so far but I already have them in mind and add them later today! Stay connected! 🙂

  33. Buchlov Castle

    • Julius Szabo

      Buchlov Castle is there as well! Number 53!

      • Hello, Buchlov castle ( is not the same as Buchlovice chateau ( They are close to each other though. Both are worth visiting.
        Great list anyway. I’m Czech and feel ashamed that I didn’t even know about all of our treasures 🙂

        • Julius

          What a dumb mistake!!! Thank you, Petr, for letting me know. As a Slovak working in Prague, I was travelling through Buchlovice quite often in the past but never stopped here (another mistake). Next time I’ll do so and make a visit to both of them for sure!

          I already visited around 30 castles in the Czech Republic and it was always an amazing experience. This is why I decided to prepare such list and I couldn’t do a better thing as I learnt a lot and found additional places to travel in the Czech Republic!

  34. chateau Cervena Reice 🙂

  35. I love Orlik castle. It’s position on the river is just stunning. Here are links to a few others you might want to consider adding to your list.

    • Julius Szabo

      Thanks for additional suggestions! I’ll add them as well! 🙂

  36. I´m missing the Rájec-Jestřebí chateau 🙂

    • Julius Szabo

      I’ll add this one as well! I think that 100 chateaux and castles will still be not enough 🙂

  37. Oh wow – this is an awesome list. I’ve only seen the Prague one (and maybe some others too but it’s been too long to remember) but most of the other look awesome, too. This part of Europe is a place I’d love to explore more in the future so will definitely keep this post in mind!

  38. Opočno and Štramberk are missing

  39. Please add Helfštýn Castle at Týn nad Bečvou, beside the narrowest part of the Moravian Gate. From 1300 to 1700 it was steadily expanded, then fell into ruins, and now is partially but extensively reconstructed. It is comparable in area and ramparts to Rabí Castle above. It originally served as the small castle of a marauding knight, then as the home of many famous families, an unconquered redoubt of the Hussites, and against the Swedes and Danes in the Thirty Years War. Its final expansion prepared it to defend Moravia against Turks like those turned back at the gates of Vienna.

    The Moravian Gate is a low (altitude 331 m) passage between the much higher and more rugged Bohemian Massif and the West Carpathians. About 15 km away on route 647 there is a monument marking the water-divide between the Becvou – Morava – Danube southbound rivers, and the Oder northbound river, which goes all the way to the Baltic. Those rivers originate in the mountains on opposite sides of the Gate, and are of considerable size as they pass within about 15 km of each other over a slight hill forming a barrier.

    In Roman and probably pre-Roman times this was the “Amber Road”. Amber (fossilized pine resin) washed up on the shore of the Baltic from the erosion of extensive deposits, and was so commonplace that it was burned as fuel. In Southern Europe it was polished and highly prized as rare decorations. Somehow the Egyptian King Tutankhamen, a thousand years before the Romans, got amber to decorate his shield. That probably came from much rarer origins along the Mediterranean.

    • Julius Szabo

      Thanks William for the most valuable comment on my site so far 🙂 I will add this castle as well! I just added 20 more so from the former 55 the list now boats amazing 75 chateaux and castles!

  40. I have only been to Prague, but after seeing these places I’ll definitely come back to see other places. Thank you for sharing! There is really so much to see in Czech Republic.

    • Julius Szabo

      Even 8 years is not enough time to explore all sights that Czech Republic has to offer! 🙂

  41. This post couldn’t have come at a better time! We’re off to Prague next month, and already a bit bummed that some of the castles will be shut for the season, but there’s just so many more to check out now! Thank you!!

  42. Oh golly gosh I love Castles. I’m going to visit all of them. Thanks so much for putting the time into making this awesome list 😀

  43. Hrad Veveří is missing too.hat’s close to my town I was born in. thank you for putting it together they are all beautiful 🙂

    • you have at least 315 of good ones still standing so you have a long way to go 🙂

      • Julius Szabo

        I already have 30 additional castles and chateaux on the list to add 🙂 I think this website could only be about castles in the Czech Republic, they are really amazing and I never thought that there are so many… 🙂

    • Julius Szabo

      Thanks Petra, very nice castle, didn’t know about it. I will add it!

  44. Hello, you seem to completely forgot to include a maginificent neighbours Vranov nad Dyjí Chateau and Bítov Castle – they’re wonderful and I personally recommend a visit to both of those fairy-tale places! 🙂

    • Julius Szabo

      Thanks, Robert, for your tips. I already have them on the list and will add them tomorrow! 🙂

  45. I’m surprised you left out Castles Orlik and Zvikov, would be well worth it to add them to this list. 🙂

    • Julius Szabo

      That’s true Zuz, thank you for reading it! 🙂 I’ll add them both! Any more missing? 🙂

  46. How does Orlik Castle stand up to these “most beautiful”?

    • Julius Szabo

      You’re right, good point! Orlik Castle should really be here! I will add it soon!

  47. This is a comprehensive reference for anyone who’s traveling to Czech Republic soon! I am so thank you!! 🙂

  48. I visited most of them, or at least heard about them!!! They are so beautiful in reality as they are on pics and what I like most, is that there isnt too many tourists so I can enjoy looking at the castles (maybe with exception of the Prague castle :P)

    • Julius Szabo

      I would say they are much nicer in reality than in these pictures! One picture per one castle is not enough! They deserve at least three pictures – one from outside, one from their gardens and one from inside 🙂 But this post would not be readable then I suppose 🙂 It’s already quite loooong. 🙂

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