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The essential kit for any traveler on the road always used to be passport, tickets and credit card as you could still pretty much survive with those three items even if your bag went missing on a flight or was stolen on your overnight bus journey.

Today, the necessary items are still important, but there’s one significant addition to the list. Few travelers would leave home without taking their smartphone. Not only does it provides you with access to all the info you’ll ever need but as a bonus, it also means that you’ll have a constant source of entertainment in your pocket with the almost endless supply of games apps out there.

So what are the top games apps any traveler should consider downloading? Let’s take a look!

A topical choice

For anyone on the move, what could be better than a game app that’s all about travel? Asked to think of a famous fictional voyage, most people would name Jules Verne’s “80 Days Around The World.” The game 80 days is all about travelling and combines aspects of the well-loved tale with beautiful visuals, so it’s a great game to play while you’re making your own voyages around the planet. Be aware, though, if you have a tendency to feel travel-sick when reading, that there’s a fair amount of text in this game, so it may not be a good choice for you.

The game 80 days
The game 80 days

Don’t let your luck run out

Anyone who plays the lotto regularly and picks particular numbers that have a special meaning to them would be gutted if their numbers came up while they happened to be away travelling and hadn’t had the chance to buy a ticket.

Now that you can play online, there’s no need to stress about that particular scenario! With an online lotto account, you can ensure that you don’t miss your winning numbers, wherever in the world you might be. While it’s not exactly an active gaming app, it’s worth having your lotto account installed on your phone. After all, you can always win, which means extending your trip!

Mindless entertainment always comes in handy

When you have a long wait at an airport or train station and just want to while away the time for a bit, zoning out can be made easy by playing one of the numerous different apps that require simple hand-eye coordination to progress and move on to the next level.

Two Dots is just one example of many games that would fit the bill. With objectives that include sinking anchors, connecting dots or breaking ice, players need to more through the levels to unlock new ones. And once a “world” has been completed, the next one is unlocked.

Two Dots Two Dots

Exercise your grey matter

While simple games where you’re just practising your eye-thumb coordination may be ideal for those times when you just want a distraction from the six-hour bus journey you’re on, sometimes you’re looking for something a little more stimulating. That’s when a game such as Room (or follow-up versions Room 2 or Room 3) comes into its own.

The aim is to solve puzzles held within cryptic letters to progress through a world of mystery. If you’ve already enjoyed this series of games, look out for Room – Old Sins, which is due for release at the latter end of 2017.

The Room Game app The Room Game app

Get rid of your frustrations

Going travelling can be an amazing experience, but sometimes it can feel like the simplest plan that you have your day is thwarted when you run into some red tape that you just don’t understand in the country you’re visiting. If you were at home, you’d be able to argue and discuss, but faced with bureaucracy in another language, you sometimes just have to accept the situation. At times like this, it’s great to have a game on your phone that will allow you to let off some steam.

This is where a classic shoot ‘em up (or shmup, for short) will come in handy. Try a game such as Plasma Sky, which will invoke feelings of nostalgia for 80s shmup arcade games, but also has contemporary features. These include being able to steer your multicolor spaceship simply by tilting your device as you play and using your thumb across the screen to make your ship go wherever you want it to.

The firing is done automatically, which leaves you able to concentrate on making sure you don’t get hit by enemy fire. A few minutes of a simple shoot ‘em up and all those irritations will be soothed away.

Plasma Sky Plasma Sky

Whatever games you download initially, there’s always the option of uninstalling them when they become too familiar. After all, you’ll need to make some space for the awesome games that other travelers have told you about!

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