Transfer between Seville airport and downtown Seville


Do you want to spend your holidays in Seville and have chosen to fly? Here is all the information you need for your transfer between the airport and downtown Seville!

Seville, the beautiful Andalusian city, has a large airport: Seville San Pablo Airport. It is one of the largest airports in Spain and has a single runway of 3360 meters and a single terminal. So you can’t get lost in it! It is served by many airlines for domestic and international flights.

It is located about ten kilometers from the city. If you are wondering about when you land and how you will transfer from the airport to the center of Seville, we are here to guide you! As is often the case when travelling, the best way to get to the city center is by shuttle. But there are several options available to you.

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How to get to the center of Seville by bus

The bus is very convenient for your transfer between the airport and downtown Seville. All you have to do is take the EA bus from Tussam. Travel time varies depending on traffic conditions, but it will take you about 30 minutes to get to the city.

The price is 4€ per person for the one-way ticket. Be sure to bring cash with you. Indeed, the ticket is purchased directly from the driver. To reach the city center, get off at the Avenida Carlos V stop.

Organize your transfer between the airport and downtown Seville by car

Transfer between Seville airport and downtown Seville

The car is the means that will give you the most freedom. With a car rental, you will go where you want and when you want! As soon as you arrive at the terminal, you can find rental agencies willing to guide you.

To get back to the city center of Seville, simply take the A4 motorway, keep in the left lane and take exit 533 towards Sevilla Centro Ciudad. If you choose this option, our article on where to park in Seville can be very useful to you!

Your transfer from the airport to downtown Seville by taxi

Taxis are a solution that many people choose when they arrive in Seville. This mode of transport is obviously very practical since you will be dropped off directly at the desired location, at your hotel or your Airbnb apartment for example. Regarding the duration of the journey, it will take you between fifteen and twenty minutes to get to the city center of Seville. Taxi stations are located just in front of the airport on the sidewalk across the street.

As far as fares are concerned, you will need to count about 25€ per trip on average. Consider sharing your taxi if you think the cost is too high! There are two types of pricing:

  • Day rate : Monday to Friday from 7am to 9pm

Count between 20 and 25€ for your fare

  • Night rate: weekend and public holiday included, as well as in the evening from 9pm to 7am

Count between 25 and 30€ for your fare

Be sure to check that the rates are clearly displayed on the meter so that the driver only counts what is displayed on the meter. You should also be aware that a large number of pieces of luggage can lead to additional costs. Feel free to ask the driver for the approximate price before using this means of transport.

Warning: on Spanish holy days, taxis can charge an extra 25% on the night rate.

Use private companies for your transfer between the airport and downtown Seville

Private companies can also be the solution you need to get to the city center. Although more expensive (prices vary from one company to another), they are also very practical. For more information, we advise you to check directly at the airport.

Now you know how to organize your transfer between the airport and the center of Seville! As the capital of Andalusia, Seville will have a large selection of neighborhoods to stay in and places to visit.

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