Travel CEO Matt Keezer: Five Situations Where You Wish You Had Bought Travel Insurance


Maybe you have been there, or maybe you haven’t. Getting stuck without travel insurance flat out sucks. It can be expensive, it can be stressful, and it can be unpredictable. FlightHub and their CEO Matt Keezer have heard it all when it comes to travel disasters and mishaps.

As one of Canada’s top online travel agencies and a provider of travel insurance they try and make sure customers know their options when it comes to risks while on vacation.

“Some people call it upselling, but to me it’s a matter of personal safety,” says Matt Keezer, adding “that little add-on can save you and your family a lot of stress.” With that in mind, here are five situations where you would wish you would have bought travel insurance.

Five Situations Where You Wish You Had Bought Travel Insurance

1. You Got Sick On Vacation

This is probably the most terrifying thing that can happen while on vacation. You are in a country with either a costly or deficient medical system and you get sick.

Either one of those situations can be very stressful. Whether financial, or medically harsh, having travel insurance can make this whole situation much simpler by covering the cost or getting you home quickly to seek treatment.

Sick on vacation, Travel Insurance
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2. Your Flight Was Delayed… By A Day

It’s your lucky day, your flight has been delayed. This is a rather common occurrence at airports. While it is inconvenient, it can become downright devastating if your flight is delayed for hours and causes you to miss connections, leaving you essentially stranded.

Having travel insurance can help you get a hotel and get you either back on track or back home.

Flight Delayed, Travel Insurance
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3. You Got There, But Your Bags Sure Didn’t

If you manage to skip the delays and get to your destination you may think the coast is clear. But, what if your bags don’t make the trip? In 2012, only 3.09 out of 1000 passengers experienced this disheartening issue.

Travel insurance can get you at least a change of clothes until either your bag is tracked down or you make it back home.

Bags on the airport, Travel Insurance
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4. You Need To Cancel Your Trip

Cancellation policies are all over the place. Between different airlines and different agencies you could get lost in all the different possibilities. Insurance helps cover your back in the event plans change.

Travel Insurance
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5. Surprise! There Was An Earthquake

So you’ve made it, you have your bags, and you didn’t get scurvy. Congratulations! But, what if something completely unpredictable and catastrophic strikes your destination like a hurricane, tornado, or tsunami?

Having insurance can help you get out of town before trouble arrives or, in the worst case, help get you out in the event of a sudden natural disaster.

Earthquake, Travel Insurance
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While these are just some of the situations where you can get caught up in a scary situation, there are countless ways that things can go wrong while you are abroad. FlightHub CEO Matt Keezer says “you can never be too prepared, even while on vacation.” Take it from him, because he, and FlightHub, have probably seen it all.

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