Review: What to do with your travel photos? Try a photobook from Saal Digital!


This is an honest review of Saal Digital photobook! I am a big fan of photography and during the last 10 years, I took around 150,000 pictures, better or worse ones. Some of them became quite popular with thousands of views and likes on Flickr, while others are securely hidden from the eyes of the public.

I have my photos stored on the hard drive and spread also on several photo sites so that I don’t loose a picture once my hard drive fails. But when it comes to showing the pictures to my friends or family… ‘Houston, we have a problem’. Browsing through 150,000 pictures can really be anything else but not interesting at all.

And here is the question, how to do this in a better way? The answer is a photobook! 🙂

Hard cover of photobook from Saal Digital
Hard cover of photobook from Saal Digital

A photobook from Saal Digital is a great choice!

Well, to be honest, I have been thinking about photobook already for quite a long period of time, however, I have never created a page. And it was just recently, a few weeks ago, when I found some promotions from Saal Digital. They offered a decent discount for an honest review. So I said myself, this is a good chance I have to try!

I applied for a discount, they approved my website for a review, I ordered a book and guess what I am doing now. That’s right! Writing an honest review! 🙂

Lay-flat binding of Saal Digital photobook - 1
Lay-flat binding of Saal Digital photobook

Creating a photobook is not that easy

As said it was a few weeks ago when I received a discount coupon and started to prepare a photobook immediately. It was my very first photobook so I had no experience. And until then I even didn’t know how hard it is to browse through all of my pictures and select just one or two from every event or trip.

First I planned to create a photobook with pictures from 2015 and 2016 events. But when I realised that I took 11,000+ photos in 2015 and the same amount in 2016, I finally decided to stay with 2015 only. My limit was 100 pages and this couldn’t cover both years.

Saal Digital Designer Software - 1
Saal Digital Designer Software

Saal Design Software is easy to use!

So I downloaded Saal Design Software from their website and after a quick installation, I started to create my first photobook. I selected A4 (28.3 x 19.3 cm) hardcover photobook printed on real photo paper with a glossy finish.

As it was just my very first photobook, I decided not to choose anything that is for an additional fee… Such as padded cover, spreads in semimatte, hidden barcode nor gift box.

Saal Digital Designer Software - 2
Saal Digital Designer Software

And now, here it is! We finally can start to build a new photobook! Just choose a design and template and find the pictures you want to have in a book and drag and drop them into the place you wish.

Well, choosing the right photos is really the hardest work, software is very easy and funny to use. I was working on the photobook 14 long evenings. I added text line with the place and date on every picture.

And finally, it was midnight of the last evening when I completed an order. I paid, and sent my pictures to the company.

Saal Digital Designer Software - 3
Saal Digital Designer Software

Photobook created in a few hours!

How surprised I was when I woke up in the morning and found out that they already sent a photobook to me. At first, I couldn’t believe it, I just thought they sent it to the factory.

I was even more surprised when the photobook arrived the other day. And how surprised I was when I open the book. It was really amazing! Every page from a real photo paper!

Saal Digital photobook - 6
Saal Digital photobook

Absolutely lay-flat design (as they say on their website), so I didn’t loose any part of the picture I placed in the middle of the book. As they say, it’s really The High-end Photobook. And I am really happy that my first photobook is from Saal Digital!

My older photo camera (Panasonic TZ-30) already died early this year after 5 amazing common years so I had to buy a new one (Panasonic TZ-70). It is making amazing pictures as well! So now I can’t wait for the end of 2016 and look forward to creating a new photobook!

You can guess which company it will be! Sure, no other than Saal Digital! So this is my honest review! They also do some other products, such as Photo booklets, Calendars, Wall decors, photo mugs and much more! So I also try something else next time!

Saal Digital photobook -7
Saal Digital photobook


  • High-quality photobook made in Germany
  • Fast delivery – sent on the same day
  • Easy to use software – I didn’t find any issue while using it
  • Plenty of photo products – I will try next time

A comment ? Write there !

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