How to visit Venice by gondola ?

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Venice is not only known for its incredible wealth of palaces, fantastic monuments, narrow cobbled streets, canals, covered stalls, masks, and carnival. The Floating City is also synonymous with romantic gondola rides.

Gondola rides in Venice

An iconic symbol of Venice, the Venetian gondola is still today the most comfortable and practical way to get around the city. A unique opportunity to take your sweetheart on a memorable romantic ride along the water, and have a chance to admire from up close the splendours of this millenary lake city blessed with a rich historical heritage.

Gondola rides in Venice

Now it’s your turn to act as a great lord while you visit Venice by gondola: embark on a gondola and explore the canals of the city, let yourself be carried away by the rustling boat that takes you through the maze of canals that are so typical of Venice.

Hop on board one of these black gondolas led by atypical gondoliers! There are only a few hundred gondoliers throughout Venice and positions are often quickly taken.

Why love the gondola in Venice?

A fabulous cliché of the Floating City, gondola rides have always existed. At a time when the world is going faster and faster, it has become a luxury to take the time to see the city at the rhythm of the water. It would be a pity not to enjoy this timeless and gorgeous way of discovering the city while in Venice. As for the lovebirds, this is your chance to blend romance and authenticity like never before.

Gondola rides in Venice

The visit of Venice by gondola will plunge you into the heart of the city’s history, and give you a taste of Venice’s mysterious and exciting atmosphere. You will be able to meet the Venetians, the inhabitants, the shopkeepers, and see their daily life as if you had always lived in Venice. And when you pass under the famous Rialto Bridge, take five seconds to kiss, it’s a tradition and it will bring you luck.

Gondola in Venice in practice (rates, opening hours)

The visit of Venice by gondola will last 30 minutes, just enough to make you want to discover even more about the city, and give you the desire to explore Venice’s maze of streets even further.

The departure is near St. Mark’s Square and there are five departures per day, between 11:00 and 16:30. Note that this gondola tour of Venice is not a guided tour. It is up to you to take the necessary precautions beforehand in order to discover the beauty, history, and meaning of the Floating City’s many monuments along the way. Finally, by visiting Venice by gondola, you will be hiring the services of a gondolier.

The gondola ride costs €33 per person and is free for children.

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