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Why not take advantage of a skip-the-line ticket to visit the Doge’s Palace in Venice? Direct access to Venice’s most famous and not-to-be-missed monument!

Who has never dreamed of visiting and discovering Venice, this century-old city where illustrious figures have tread, including Mozart, Casanova, and famous painters such as Le Titien or Caravaggio? Situated on Venice most famous square, Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square), the Palazzo Ducale (Doge’s Palace) offers a magnificent view of the lagoon and the entire city. The palace was once the seat of the Venetian government, where all the powers (executive, judicial, and legislative) were represented under the rule of the Doge of Venice, the chief magistrate and leader of the Serene Republic of Venice.

Travel in time and discover an incredible era

Doge's Palace interior, Venice, Italy

Photo credit: Flickr – Pedro Prats

Visit the Doge’s Palace, and you will be able to go back in time and discover the economic and political life in Venice from the Middle Ages to the centuries that followed. Explore luxuriously decorated rooms, discover hundreds of stunning masterpieces, particularly the works by Italian and Venetian painters. Upon entering the Doge’s Palace, you will travel in time and explore the secrets of Venetian power from a behind-the-scenes perspective.

Discover the secrets of this extraordinary landmark

It is strongly advised to purchase skip-the-line tickets: this will allow you to avoid long queues and enjoy direct access to the Doge’s Palace. With your English-speaking or French-speaking guide, you will discover the mysteries of power taking place in the palace centuries ago, and find out about the parallel worlds intertwined in the edifice. Stroll through the galleries which are considered the alleys of power, or walk over the famous Bridge of Sighs adjoining the palace, where you can relive the dread of the prisoners of the Serenissima. Imagine yourself in the presence of Casanova and live an unforgettable experience!

During your visit, you will learn more about the construction and design of the different rooms of the Doge’s Palace.

Doge’s Palace secret itineraries

Doge's Palace, Palazzo Ducale, Venice

Photo credit: Flickr – Tom Magliery

Visit the old prisons, the famous “Piombi” (named after the lead roof above the prisons), and of course Casanova’s own cell. The secret itineraries are considered a masterpiece of Gothic art. These itineraries are divided into 3 parts, namely a part that overlooks Saint Mark’s Basin (the part that once housed the Major Council Chamber), a part that overlooks St. Mark’s Square (housing the courtrooms), and finally the ground floor where the services to the public and the Opera Museum are located. Beyond this courtyard, you will find the upper floors which were once home to the Doge’s residence.

Practical information

The Doge’s Palace opens at 9:00 a.m. and closes around 5:00 p.m. depending on the season (usually 7:00 p.m. in summer).

The current rate is 13 euros (single admission) with a 50% discount for students. The offer available via the links on this page allows you to enter the Doge’s Palace without having to queue, thanks to your skip-the-line ticket for only €23.

As in any prestigious Italian landmarks, it is forbidden to take pictures of the different rooms. Don’t expect to find postcards at the gift shop because there aren’t any!

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