Košice Peace Marathon is the Oldest Marathon in Europe


Thinking about visiting the most beautiful city in Slovakia, Košice, one day? One of the best times to visit Košice is during the biggest event of the year that annually come to Košice city every first Sunday in October.

And it can’t be other than its Košice Peace Marathon. Not only is this event the biggest of all events that take place in Košice, it is also the Oldest Marathon in Europe and the 2nd oldest in the world (just after that famous one in Boston).

Košice Peace Marathon, Slovakia - start
Košice Peace Marathon, Slovakia – start by kosicemarathon.com

Visit Košice during The Oldest Marathon in Europe!

Košice Peace Marathon

Košice Peace Marathon also known as International Peace Marathon is the most spectacular event in Košice as well as in all of Slovakia. Thousands of runners are coming to Košice every year on the first Sunday in October not only from all Slovak corners but also from all other corners of the world.

This marathon has been organized here in 1924 for the first time with just a few runners (8 to be precise 🙂 ) and has grown to such a great event over the years. Since its first run there were only two years when this marathon was not run – 1938 and 1940.

Košice Peace Marathon, Slovakia - city
Košice Peace Marathon, Slovakia – city by kosicemarathon.com

This year up to 11,000 runners from all over the world to be on starting point and there will be a lot of ongoing events waiting for all other visitors to Košice as well.

Don’t mind if you are not a runner you can come just to become a member of a fan base since the athletes need some support. However if you would like to run along with other runners, you can only apply for the next year as this year’s registrations are already closed.

For registration and some more information visit official site kosicemarathon.com

Košice Peace Marathon, Slovakia - inline
Košice Peace Marathon, Slovakia – inline by kosicemarathon.com

White Night – a Saturday night before marathon

The night before big Sunday has belonged to the White Night for the last 5 years already. It is a huge festival of lights that came here and to other parts of the world from Paris. This year the festival celebrates its 6th anniversary here.

This prestigious international festival has become the largest and most visited festival of contemporary art in Slovakia. More than 190 art productions were presented here in several European premieres. With up to 600 artists and performers from 28 countries and around 400,000 visitors so far this event cannot be missed.

White night festival, Košice, Slovakia
White night festival, Košice, Slovakia by Majo

What else to do in Košice and Slovakia

Košice is the most beautiful city in Slovakia and we have some more tips on what you can do and explore here. Read more about Top 35 things to do in Košice. And if you would like to stay here longer you can go to explore more amazing places in Slovakia.

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  1. Nice post, but I think I will never ever run a marathon 😀 i’m too lazy

    • Julius Szabo

      Me neither. However running keeps everyone in a very good form! 🙂 But I think that 1 km every day is enough! 🙂

  2. I always look at events like this and think “Yes! I should get involved! Start training now!” Then cat videos on youtube happen…

  3. I really have to get in good condition and start training. I want to join a marathon but I can’t seem to have endurance to run . I just need to train.

  4. Wow, had never even heard of this marathon! Slovakia looks beaut though!

  5. White night is a really fun tradition.

    • Julius Szabo

      Yes, it really is! There were so many people on the streets that I can’t remember on when I saw such a lot of people in Kosice before!

  6. I absolutely loathe running…haha… I wish I didn’t. Very cool that it is the oldest marathon in the world, and what a great experience!

    • Julius Szabo

      Well, actually not the oldest but the second oldest in the world! Anyway it is a great event!

  7. Wow, I would never have guessed this was the oldest marathon in the world! Crazy! But what a stunning place to race in, having wonderful scenery and buildings around sure makes it easier to stay focused when running…although I have only done a 10k so far!

  8. That looks like so much fun!!! I didn’t know about it until now.

  9. I looove marathons! I love running, but this one will a new challenge for me! Yet, will definitely gonna try it!! Great article here dear!

    • Julius Szabo

      That’s great, Mary! Just come and try it, it’s really nice event here. 🙂

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