Top things to do in Australia

The best area to stay in Sydney

Where to stay in Australia’s largest city? Find out the best neighborhoods to stay in Sydney! The sprawling capital of New South Wales, Sydney is Australia’s most populous city, ahead of Melbourne and Brisbane. With 5.25 million Sydneans spread over […]

The best area to stay in Melbourne

Where to stay in Melbourne, Australia’s second largest city? Discover the best neighbourhoods to stay in Melbourne! Australia’s second largest city after Sydney, Melbourne is the capital of Victoria State and is a major economic, industrial and cultural hub of […]

Booking An Aerial Photography Tour

With access to current technology, there are more and more budding photographers around the world. Capturing a trip to a foreign country no longer involves rolls and rolls of film, as well as developing costs. An excellent way to get […]

Discovering Sydney on my way

Do you want to travel and get away from your daily routine, but you still don’t know where? Don’t worry, we have a perfect place for you – Sydney. Since Sydney is a huge and quite an expensive city, we […]