Top things to do in Croatia

The best area to stay in Zadar

Are you heading for the Croatian coast for the holidays? Find out where to stay in Zadar! Located in the north of Dalmatian region, on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, the city of Zadar is one of Croatia’s gems. […]

The best area to stay in Pula

Are you planning a holiday in the Croatian city of Pula, in the Balkans? Find out where to stay in Pula! Pula is a bilingual Italian/Croatian town situated at the southern tip of Istria, Croatia, with a population of over […]

The best area to stay in Dubrovnik

Are you planning to discover the wonders of Croatia next summer? Find out about the best places to stay in Dubrovnik! Although the locals sometimes regret the fact that the old town of Dubrovnik is invaded by tourists during the […]

Croatia’s National Parks – Visit Croatia and its 8 natural wonders!

Croatia’s National Parks are among the most beautiful and famous not only in Europe but throughout the whole world. There are 8 national parks, 6 nature parks, a total of 69 special reserve (botanical, hydro-logical, ornithological), 23 parks and 72 […]

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